Thursday, February 25, 2021

Saregama brings to the Gujarati music lovers yet another hit - Malish Re Shamsaan Ma by Rakesh Barot!

Ready to captivate the audience, Saregama has launched yet another Gujarati track sung by Rakesh Barot – Malish Re Shamsaan Ma, to capture and conquer the charts and hearts of the Gujarati audience. The song brings together two of the biggest Gujarati musical maestros – Rakesh Barot who lends his voice to this track,  and music by Mayur Nadia. Depicting a tale of betrayal, this song is sure to keep you engaged till the very end.

The video of the song takes you through an emotional journey of a man who goes through a heartbreak when he realizes that his significant other has strayed from their relationship, and has fallen in love with someone else. However, is there a happy ending to this tale? Showcasing dynamic chemistry between Rakesh Barot and Neha Suthar, this song consists of a beautiful storyline coupled with hard-hitting lyrics!

Commenting on the launch, Rakesh said, “We had a lovely time shooting for this song and the storyline is a great mix of drama and emotion. This is a gift for all my fans as we near the end of the Valentine’s month and I hope they shower me with love and support like always”.  

Catch this all-new track only on Saregama’s YouTube Channel:

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