Saturday, February 13, 2021

The India Protectors Alliance unites companies to bring the focus back on mask wearing with #PehnoSahi

Mumbai, February 11th 2021: To re-emphasise the importance of wearing masks in the fight against COVID-19, the India Protectors Alliance (IPA), is bringing together Samhita Social Ventures, RBL Bank, Crompton Greaves, IKEA India, Pernod Ricard India Foundation, Kimberly-Clark Professional and other companies and foundations, to initiate India’s first cross-brand mask engagement - #PehnoSahi.

The objective of this campaign is to create a community of corporate leaders engaging each other, their employees and senior leadership, contractors and supply chains as well as consumers and communities in wearing masks and wearing them correctly, to get India back to work safely.

Even as its economy and businesses continue to recover, and with several vaccines getting approval or entering their third and final trial phases, India is a long way away from achieving total immunisation coverage. This campaign serves as a reminder to continue wearing masks correctly to prevent a resurgence in COVID-19 and lower the negative effects of COVID-19 on human lives and livelihoods, the Indian economy and business ecosystems.

Priya Naik, Founder and CEO, Samhita Social Ventures said “Masks are still the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Many of us are seeing a fatigue in communication and adherence around mask wearing. 2021 is looking up. To remain on the growth path, and ensure India gets back to work safely, #PehnoSahi is a small effort in encouraging Indians to continue to keep their guard up through mask wearing. The India Protectors Alliance is leveraging the power and influence of corporate leaders to inspire their corporate ecosystem, from senior management and employees to peers, to wear masks for the benefit of businesses, themselves and their families.”

Shanta Vallury Gandhi, Head - HR, CSR and Internal Branding at RBL Bank said – "RBL Bank's commitment to the society spans beyond our CSR mandate. When the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the nation and the world alike, we knew we wanted to contribute in every possible way. Almost a year into the battle against the pandemic, wearing a mask has been the safest vaccine to protect oneself. Thus, the initiative #PehnoSahi launched by India Protectors Alliance along with our equally committed partners, that urges people to wear their masks correctly, holds more value now than ever as the country starts reopening and the vaccine is administered in phases. We are still a long way from a Covid-free world and this campaign serves as the right reminder to communicate effectively that we must all remain dedicated in our efforts to keep ourselves, our loved ones and everyone around us, safe. RBL Bank is committed in its mission to urge all its stakeholders to support and propagate the cause of the campaign."



An initiative of Samhita and RBL Bank, the India Protectors Alliance is a collaborative of companies, philanthropic foundations, governments and experts, to help the country tide through the COVID-19 crisis. Its mission is to create resilient healthcare and sanitation ecosystems with a three-pronged approach – Prevent, Prepare and Provide.


IPA has impacted 3,90,000 people so far; 250k lives through healthcare interventions and 140k lives through sanitation interventions.


Samhita Social Ventures is a social sector consulting firm which collaborates with various stakeholders to develop and deliver impactful, sustainable and scalable solutions. Along with their non-profit initiative Collective Good Foundation, they have strategized and executed impactful social interventions for companies across sectors and across the geographical landscape of India.

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