Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Budget2021 Post Budget Quote | Akshay Daftary, Director, Siro Clinpharm

"In this year’s budget, the Honorable Finance Minister considered Health and Well-being sector as the first pillar which is very encouraging for healthcare and nutraceuticals sector professionals. The announcements made by the FM especially for the healthcare sector in terms of promised reforms and anticipated conducive measures to boost domestic manufacturing of the medical devices along with the emphasis on preventive care, PPP in Ayushman Bharat, expansion of Jan Aushadhi Kendra in all districts to provide medicines at affordable rates, etc are very promising and will provide impetus to the growth of the sector in the long run. The allotment of Rs 3000 crore funds under skill development is a positive move by the government in terms of recruiting people since the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) industry demands skilled individuals in paramedics as they are the ones driving the sector and hence play a vital role in saving lives. The allocation of Rs 35,000 crore for COVID-19 vaccines was much needed as it is the need of the hour. Additionally, the allocation of Rs 69,000 crore to healthcare is again something that is commendable and a heartening measure announced by the FM for the development of the healthcare sector.

Overall, Budget 2021 is realistic, positive, and holistic at the same time, centered around the common man and his needs."

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