Thursday, February 4, 2021

Apollo Cancer Centre Stands United in the Fight against Cancer and Covid19

Cancer Awareness program organised at Apollo Cancer Centres, Navi Mumbai

 Navi Mumbai, 4th February 2021: Marking World Cancer Day, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre organised "The Hand Print Campaign" to raise awareness and education about cancer, a global burden. Cancer survivors, doctors, nurses and caretakers imprinted their palms on a wall expressing their support and gratitude towards each other for overcoming both cancer and Covid19 together. 

In India, over 1.5 million new cancer patients are registered every year, and approximately 780,000 die from cancer, which makes cancer the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases. This awareness program aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about cancer.

Dr. Anil D’Cruz, Director, Oncology Services, Apollo Cancer Centres, Head & Neck Cancer Surgery, President, Union for International Cancer Control quoted, “The prevalence of cancer cases is increasing with changing lifestyles. The growing concerns and lack of awareness towards cancer needs to be addressed, the sooner the better. Early diagnosis, screening and lifestyle modifications need to be promoted in order to reduce the margin of cancer cases in India. Awareness programs and initiatives will help people understand the necessity of following a good lifestyle void of toxic habits, in order to nip the cancer in the bud.”

On the same, Mr. Santosh Marathe, COO and Unit Head, Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai also added, “During the pandemic and restrictions, Apollo Cancer Centres, successfully were treating and performing surgeries following international infection control protocols. Leveraging technology, we created accessibility to the follow up patients through video consultations.  We thank our internationally recognised oncologists for their support and services to the patients in these challenging times. With ageing population, the main challenge remains the lack of awareness about cancer and the knowledge required to self-diagnose. We are also upgrading our Robotic technology to provide organ specific therapies through precision medicine techniques. Hence, this program initiated to celebrate World Cancer Day and is aimed at spreading awareness regarding several nuances of cancer right from early detection to prevention.”

Apollo Cancer Care offers multidisciplinary medical, surgical and radiation oncology treatments for cancer and a National Tumour Board for optimal treatment planning and execution.

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