Monday, October 14, 2019

Take care of your health through Homecare

The major concern today at any household is health. People are taking a shift towards organic and health friendly products. Seeing the need, Homecare launched its product ranges that are especially designed keeping in mind the health factor.

Mr. Bhavesh Singhvi, the 24 year old dynamic, young entrepreneur after finishing his education from DSIMS Mumbai and Ottawa University Kansas USA saw the need for a brand in the segment of Homecare products which can provide both style and health benefits and thus Homecare came into existence. The research team which is supervised by Mr. Singhvi himself is dedicated to provide the best quality products.

Homecare presents you with amazing household essentials that are better in functionality and brilliant in design. The product portfolio includes Kitchen Gadgets, Vegetable Cutters, Lunch Boxes and modern kitchen equipment’s for your home.

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Mr. Bhavesh Singhvi is personally involved in all aspects starting from research,
production to marketing when asked about his thoughts said “Innovation is our
hallmark, I have grown up seeing my mother always fussing about products and
checking the health benefits before buying them. And truly a person’s health should
be the prime concern and the research team at Homecare is especially dedicated to
launch a product in market only after the product passes all the statutory checks.”
Homecare strives relentlessly to create household products that exhibit excellence in
aesthetic and functionality. Excellent design, highest efficiency and best functionality
commingle in our product design process.
The team believes that a touch of innovation can bring in functional solutions to most
of the everyday problems in our households. The fact that makes Homecare stand
apart from its counterparts is its core focus in transforming household essentials
through a committed problem-solving approach.
Identifying customer needs, and providing them with the appropriate need fulfilling
product is the utmost priority for Homecare.

Designed with care
At Homecare, we acknowledge that household products and furniture play a great
role in the interior design of your home. Therefore, our products are specifically
designed with such raw materials which are safe for environment as well as user.
Each of our products is marked with attention and care we have for your home
interiors. Although our core focus lies in design and functionality, equal attention is
given to the durability of the products.
Virgin plastic is used for all our plastic products which is food-grade
plastic best for humans and for the environment.
BPA free.
We use Stainless steel blades for longer durability and which is rust-free
in nature.
For all our lunch boxes we are using Vacuum Insulation Technology
which keeps Food warm for 6 hours and cool for 9 hours, BPA free,
304/201 Stainless steel is used for all our Lunch Boxes.
Each of the products is designed, developed and manufactured after months of
dedicated research by our team. Our innate passion for creating exceptional
household products is reflected in our product range that we offer.

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