Friday, October 11, 2019



As of today, a new reason has been added to the list of reasons that the IT sector is giving to its workforce to up skill and upgrade their skill set. While unemployment is still on the rise, technological automation is causing redundancy and stagnation among the current job roles. This redundancy is causing more and more people to move out of their regular routines and join the bandwagon of the fancy new careers of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. But the problem here is that these new industries demand a workforce with tremendous amounts of skill and knowledge.

If we look around in the job market we find people with a great zeal to learn and companies that are hunting for skilled and ambitious candidates. The one thing that can bridge the gap between these prospective employees and employers is Skill or in other words, an opportunity for the former to up skill and for the latter to connect. Skillathon, the World’s First AI Education Accelerator, is now out in the market to provide this opportunity and thus a solution to bridge this skill gap. Through this approach, Skillathon is helping the workforce of the IT sector grow in these specialised fields of data science and machine learning. It is also helping the IT industry build a workforce that is capable of building a technologically advanced future by connecting them to qualified candidates who are trained and mentored by Skillathon’s expert team.

What makes Skillathon’s route to upskilling a lot more unique is its “Zero Upfront Fee” approach. This approach is helping this company be socially aware by promoting the “Education for All” phenomenon and thus helping in reaching out to individuals belonging to every community. Though a number of e-learning platforms are attempting to tackle the prevailing upskilling and unemployment problems, this unique approach of Skillathon will surely bring about a change in the way upskilling is taken forward in the world of technology.

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