Wednesday, October 16, 2019

30th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest unveils champion Japanese Team brings top prize home

 Themed as “Duo Celebrations for Macao”, the 30th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest (the “Contest”) culminated in splendour on 5th October 2019. Throughout the Contest, twelve fireworks teams presented their spectacular shows with unreserved efforts to compete for prizes to bring home. The top prize went to Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks Co., Ltd. from Japan, followed by the fireworks teams from China (Liuyang New Year Fireworks Trading Co., Ltd.) and France (SAS BREZAC Artifices) as first and second runners-up.   
The prize-giving ceremony took place right after the Japanese and Australian teams set the night sky ablaze. Director of Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, and Deputy Director Ricky Hoi joined the ceremony with jury members and other personages, and presented awards to the winners.
In addressing the ceremony, Director Senna Fernandes expressed that the Contest covered the Mid-Autumn Festival, the National Day and the 1st October Golden Week with twelve fireworks shows this year, carrying on the festive ambiance that enlivens the city annually. The four outreach programs including the Photo Contest, Student Drawing Contest, Poster Design Contest, and Video Production Contest extended the scope of cultural and creative works from two-dimensional to the stereoscopic and auditory form of expression. The Office also supported community organizations to organize a weekend workshop program and immerse local participants in a palette of artistic experiences through a variety of activities. She is excited to see residents and visitors cast vote enthusiastically in the online poll of “My Favorite Fireworks Team”. She hopes that following the momentous 30th edition, the Office can continue to enhance and add value to the Contest, which can progress with broader new partnerships, joining hands with members of different circles to enrich the programs of local events and activities and develop new leisure elements so that the tourism industry of Macao and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area can gain an infinite momentum to move forward.
Various internationally-acclaimed and experienced fireworks companies from worldwide are invited to join the Contest every year. Instead of inviting ten teams to perform on five fireworks evenings, the Office arranged for twelve teams to dazzle on six fireworks nights for the first time. Every fireworks company choreographed their fireworks displays to the background theme song “Light your fire” around the theme of “Duo Celebrations for Macao”, bringing their thoughtful ideas to life. The twelve teams came from different countries as follows (in chronological order): Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal, Korea, United Kingdom, Romania, South Africa, Canada, France, China, Japan and Australia.
The Contest culminated in the splendor of fireworks presented by the teams from Japan and Australia, which added festive vibes in the city during the 1st October Golden Week. Different vantage points on the Macao Peninsula and Taipa were bustled with spectators. Besides the Fireworks Carnival, the 4th Macau International Lantern Festival was held along the Waterfront Promenade of One Central Macau and Wynn Macau, as well as Anim’Arte Nam Van, all of which were great places for fireworks watching this year.
Since the inaugural edition unveiled by MGTO in 1989, the Macao International Fireworks Display Contest has developed into one of Macao’s signature mega-events and drawn a vast number of spectators from around the world to Macao every year. Filled with a kaleidoscope of highlights, the Fireworks Carnival was also staged every fireworks evening as an annual side activity of the Contest. In addition, the Office organized the first-ever fireworks seminar to open the eyes of the public to preparations behind the curtain of the fireworks event.
Dedicated to presenting mega-events and activities vibrant with wonderful and innovative experiences, MGTO continues to spice up local events with new elements to enhance the level of performance as well as enjoyment and involvement among residents. In collaboration with public departments, entities, and community organizations, MGTO will continue to enrich the program of the Contest to enhance its level of attractiveness and coverage.
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