Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Protect your family from bacteria and virus while brushing and various kitchen chores

KENT launches ‘Health Plus’, a compact purifier designed to make washbasin & sink water bacteria free


The leading RO water purifier brand, KENT RO Systems Ltd. has added the purity quotient by launching another breakthrough technology product “Health Plus” which ensure pure water intake 24X7.  Health Plus is a specially designed compact filter easily fits under the sink and washbasin to ensure you will get 24X7 bacteria free water used in all your daily chores like face washing, hand washing, brushing, rinsing or washing vegetables and fruits under the tap.  
We may have a water purifier which is essential for drinking pure water but majority of people tend to overlook the water quality they are getting through the wash basins and kitchen sinks. The water in the overhead tank of our houses is breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria. This water is unsafe for use and can cause various health problems. KENT Health plus provides distinctive and revolutionary functionality for purification of sink water & ensure safety from water borne disease. It is a compact water purifier which can be easily installed under bathroom sink, kitchen sink and wash basin. It is based on UF membrane technology that helps in trapping microscopic contaminants and filtering out harmful bacteria. 

Commenting on launch of Health Plus, Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman, KENT RO Systems Ltd. said,” Kent believes in innovations. Innovations, which are for the betterment of human being and keeps us healthy and fit and we are delighted to present another such revolutionary product from the House of Purity -Kent Health Plus, which  further ensure ,we don’t expose to contaminated water at all. With Kent Health plus, we wanted to take the water purity to next level where besides your drinking water you will get contamination free water 24X7 in your wash basin and sinks" 

"KENT Health Plus doesn’t use abrasive chemicals such as chlorine, bromine or iodine for the purification of sink water. It achieves high flux rate as it can function well in low water press as well. The compact easy-to-install device purifies the sink water and makes it ideal for washing vegetables and fruits, brushing and various kitchen chores.", he adds.

Keep yourself safe from water borne disease with KENT Health Plus at an affordable rate of Rs.3, 450/- and it is available through KENT RO’s website Besides key retail outlets across India.

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