Tuesday, October 29, 2019

EsselWorld reveals their citywide #MyFunKeyHunt campaign with a big Diwali Bang

·         Building on the #ChaabiMiliKya curiosity, EsselWorld brought in the Diwali festivities with Dharavi Rocks and Sneha Sadan Orphanage by unlocking their happiness
·         With the unveiling of #MyFunKeyHunt, the campaign’s final leg will lead to EsselWorld’s biggest annual attraction – City of Carnivals 2019, which kickstarts on 29th October 2019

EsselWorld, India’s leading entertainment destination unveiled their citywide consumer campaign #MyFunKeyHunt on the eve of Diwali today. The curiosity of #ChaabiMiliKya that had taken over the streets of Mumbai, social media, radio and other digital mediums was revealed to be an EsselWorld initiative at a suburban mall. The presence of Dharavi Rocks and the children of Sneha Sadan Orphanage honoured the unveiling event. Dharavi Rocks, a talented 30-member band team put up an amazingly high energy show with engaging performances that set the festive mood for the mall’s shoppers and visitors. EsselWorld also hosted the children of Sneha Sadan Orphanage and celebrated Diwali with them with some creative and festive workshops like diya & pot painting and rangoli making.

#MyFunKeyHunt campaign distributed more than 2 lakh physical keys across Mumbai. The digital keys are still available to all Mumbaikars through the microsite link and social media pages created for the ultimate treasure hunt game that will unlock the “Key to Happiness”. The physical keys, divided as per the 4 Carnivals happening at the Park- Cultural, Wild, Sci-Fi and Art & Craft are aimed to unlock happiness and give a well deserved break of excitement to Mumbaikars. This EsselWorld initiative has opened doors of happiness with these keys and will lead the citizens to one of Mumbai’s biggest treasure hunts at EsselWorld’s City of Carnival 2019. On reaching to the Park with the key, the participant will be handed over a task sheet as per the theme pertaining to the key he or she has received. The treasure hunt is anticipated to see participation from thousands of visitors, spanning over 13 days from 29th October to 10th of November 2019, eventually leading the final participants to win the mega jackpot prize.

Mr. Shirish Deshpande, Chief Executive Officer, EsseWorld Leisure Private Limited, shared, “#MyFunKeyHunt is a unique consumer initiative by EsselWorld that was designed to break the monotony of a regular Mumbaikar’s life. EsselWorld has entertained over millions of people over three decades and will continue to do so. However, this year, we are enhancing their experience by means of a treasure hunt which they can seek out only at City of Carnivals, the ultimate destination to find your happiness.”

While indulging yourself in the treasure hunt and enjoying the ride, check out the host of activities, events, DIYs and workshops planned just for you at the City of Carnivals! Find your ultimate happiness from four different themed Carnivals- Cultural, Sci-Fi, Wild and Art & Craft only at Mumbai’s most loved entertainment destination, EsselWorld.

1.      Culture Carnival:
Rich with the cultural background, this Carnival will offer jaw dropping acts like Ariel Silk by renowned Mallakhamb artist Sagar Ovhalkar and his team, Gatka Martial Art by the famous International Khalsa Gatka Group, Punjab along with Bollywood and Periodic Warriors Costume Play activities that will make an amazing photo and video opportunities for your Instagram and FB stories, posts and Boomerangs!

2.      Sci- Fi Carnival:
Get ready to witness never seen before 7-8 feet tall Robos joining in and shaking their legs to grooving music only at EsselWorld! If you are a nerd and love science, you will be thrilled to see some crazy experiments by 2 insane Russian Scientists at the Frozen Show with none other than the coldest liquid on Earth, the Nitrogen Liquid. What’s more! Your dream of wearing a Robo- Cop or Astronaut suit ends here as the Sci- Fi Carnival has it all.

3.      Wild Carnival:

If you are a Jungle person and like everything tribal, then join Drum Circle which is a unique group activity by the internationally renowned Music Tribe Drum Circle group. The BMX Cycle stunts along with Football, skateboard and freestyle acts by international artists are mind-blowing! Don’t miss out on the Animal Parade, along with EsselWorld’s signature and most prestigious Magical Parade, led by the Fab5 characters. Joining them would be Giraffe, Zebra, Chimpanzee, Ostrich and more along with dancers and drummers that will further enhance the wild world experience for its visitors. Since you are in the Wild themed carnival, you could dress up as a Hunter! Pick your bow and arrow or just shoot with a gun.

4.      Art & Craft Carnival

Over and above the above mentioned entertaining activities, engaging workshops like painting, clay modeling, origami, puppet show, pottery, wire art, bioscope show and more will be undertaken at Art & Craft Carnival which is oh so creative!

Giving a complete experience of the Carnival you will also witness, magicians, stilt walkers, balloons and firkis on the cycle all of which will be floating across the Carnivals and hence the Park giving you a holistic experience and happiness.

So head to EsselWorld to find #MyFunkeyHunt, at the City of Carnivals, the key to you happiness!

About EsselWorld
EsselWorld is the largest amusement park in the country. For the past 30 years, EsselWorld has been responsible for setting a benchmark in the amusement park industry in India.  It boasts of over 71 attractions designed for entertainment of all age groups- perfectly justifying the title of India’s largest amusement park. EsselWorld recently launched two mega attractions - India's craziest ride Top Spin & India's tallest tower ride - Shot N Drop.
With time, EsselWorld has evolved and added fantastic rides such as Monsters in the Mist, Ice skating rink, Bowling alley to name a few. With all the fun & frolic it is ensured that the safety of the visitors is not compromised. An amalgamation of thrill, fun, entertainment and pure happiness - EsselWorld offers it all. The park has a choice of eating options including Southern Treat, Domino’s, Taipan, Ohh! Mumbai and MORE! 


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