Friday, January 25, 2019

Mrs. Asia Women of Universe 2018 Naavnidhi K. Wadhwa aka rapid evolution coach

"Several times people discouraged me by saying that I m not beautiful and I can't achieve anything in my life. Today I'm not only Mrs Asia and Mrs India but also a Life Hack Coach , Nutritionist, NLP master and a psychiatrist"

"This Republic Day every Citizen of the country should take a oath to contribute in their own way  for the welfare of the  country, it's not just the duty of Politicians and Government"

Naavnidhi K. Wadhwa aka rapid evolution coach is not just a lady who gathered fame but, she also empowered others. She has been crowned as the title of ‘Mrs. Asia Women of Universe 2018’. One woman, many facets is the exact thing which can describe her talent and contribution as a rapid evolution coach, mind transformation facilitator meditation and motivation speaker, food coach and other.

She has added many feathers in her cap as in May 2018, she has been awarded the prestigious and reputed pageant award after competing with the women from all over Asia. Naavnidhi was Mrs. Personality 2017 as well and won the position of 2nd runner up of the Mrs. India Bharat Icon.

Well, she got the power to coach others in her veins as her father is a doctor and mother is the lecturer in Punjab. After completing her education from Hindi medium school where she built herself in the scenario of socially awkward, body shaming and non-English speaker but, her power to heal and face the situation positively has changed her. Now, she is Brand Ambassador of Peace, Wellness, Meditation and Healing. Adding to that, she also manifested a psychological, spiritual and energy makeover. When we asked her about the difficulties she faced in the path, she said:

“The journey was challenging too, as I grew up a shy girl. I was not able to talk to anyone and then going ahead to win a crown title. I have learnt a lot and developed myself with time. One thing for sure I take back from this journey is that once you have the confidence in yourself and you celebrate what you have, you should celebrate the magic within you and stop cribbing and thinking about what you don’t have and instead focus on the strengths and what are the gifts you have got from the universe, you will definitely get what you want in life.”

Today, she uses her inner spirituality and talent to aid students and children who are in need of healthier dietary choices and uncomplicated lifestyle. She has the degree in fashion designing from the prestigious college NIFT, New Delhi. From London, she takes her study forward and learns psychology & metabolism of eating as part of Neuro-Linguistic Programming wherein she specialized with a PhD. And, now she is known as India’s leading NLP healers because she helped numbers of people to achieve the desired goal and maintain the right lifestyle.

Furthermore, Naavnidhi is a life healer and ultimate coach who gives advice and guide people for the right eating, meditation, diet planning and she also has a wide knowledge of numerology, graphology and Vaastu Consultant. Well, she has mastered in these all. If the world pushes you back, you can forward with your power and, this is what she proved in her life. She embarked on a journey of the self-discovery, inner beauty and power of spirituality just to challenge the negativity of the world who bullied her for the heavyweight. She never afraid to do hard work and that is why to shed 25 kilograms and give a kickass reply to everyone who was involved in the body shaming by her transformation.

India Today honored her with the ‘Excellence in Healthcare Award 2018′ as she is the outstanding coach for Psychology of Eating and diet planning. She is the face of the various social causes related to society and works to eradicate negativity, boost wellness and peace. Alongside, alongside Minister Ashwini KR Choubey she is the Wellness Ambassador in Delhi as well as E.G. Brand Ambassador of peace in Chandigarh. More than 13 awards she has received for her contribution to the health sector such as Radio City as a Coach for Psychology of Eating, women’s achiever award and many in the area of fashion. Recently, she is featured in International Coffee Table Book on the 50 Most Influential Indian Women Worldwide. Meanwhile, when she asked about the ‘Rapid Evolution’ she replied;

“Rapid Evolution is a group I have started on Facebook. I call myself a Rapid Evolution coach because we all evolve. From a child to an adult. Everything in nature evolves, buds to flowers. This evolution needs to be rapid as we live in an era where everything happens very quickly and changes constantly. So that’s why I have come up with this concept of Rapid Evolution. The thought behind it is the same. No one wants to go to someone who will take years to get you what you want. I always believe in quick results. That only happens when you work with your mind. ”

Running an NGO named as “PAANKH” she wears the fine cap of Humanitarian on her head. The NGO works for the children who seek special needs. She calls them, the ‘Rainbow Children’ and works to nurture them because the other part of the society completely neglects these kids.

Looking at her self-power, self-believe and wisdom we can say that anyone can change their destiny. Free Will is the right message which she gives others to empower the lifestyle, work on the present condition to build the right future. Only you have to open the door of transformation.

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