Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Häfele’s Black Steel Range by Asko

Wanting to add another dimension to your kitchen? Then you should take a closer look at Häfele’s Black Steel Range by Asko. The new range matches both, your gastronomic ambitions and your high standards of aesthetics and looks like a crisp, colourful autumn day, the never-setting midsummer sun or maybe even the sea on a cloudy day.

The Black Steel finish adapts to the lighting conditions and surrounding colours in a spectacular way. It is not just one colour, instead of several at the same time. It’s a living colour. Black Steel is a modern interpretation of the classic stainless steel with a splash of colour added. The colour makes the brushed pattern appear clearer and the light is reflected in various ways making the surface come alive with a shimmering expression. This feature allows you to integrate the Black Steel appliances in an equally stylish way whether in a modern, industrial - style kitchen or in an opulently decorated residential kitchen.

Following this philosophy, the ovens are crafted with a sophisticated glass door which is integrated within a one-piece seamless frame. They come with an extra-large capacity of up to 73 litres (in a standard size of 60 cm x 60 cm) and 50 litres (in a standard size of 60 cm x 45 cm) making them some of the most spacious in the market. The size in combination with the well-insulated oven cavity and door also makes them one of the market’s most energy-efficient ovens.

The carefully selected sustainable materials used in the new range of ovens under the Black Steel Range together with exceptional finishing and intuitive interfaces impart an elegant appearance to the appliances. The advanced 6.1 TFT full-colour display screens ensure that the most frequently used functions are immediately accessible. The clear and concise visuals of this function will guide you through the program and temperature selection to choose the best setting for the dish you wish to cook.

The ASKO Black Steel Series Range includes the combi-steam oven, the combi-microwave oven, the solo microwave oven and the warming drawer to offer you full flexibility in your cooking. They are designed to be combined according to your demands and your choice of kitchen.

Over the past two decades, Melbourne-based chef, Paul Mounsey has worked in professional kitchens, in Melbourne and throughout regional VictoriaCurrently the Head Chef as ASKO Appliances Australia, and an authority on steam oven cooking, Paul spends his time sharing his skills with colleagues and Australia’s home cooksHe also teaches and trains all of the ASKO demonstrators across the country, and host functions and training for both the retail and commercial partners. He also develops recipes for the ASKO website, and run the demonstrations in Victoria for ASKO.He is also the Co-Founder and CHEF for the cooking website Cooking With Steam, a side business of his own that is a recipe database for home cooks that own a combi steam oven. His style of cooking is simple and he believes that cooking is not only an artistic endeavour but also a scientific one.

Chef Paul Mounsey was in India exhibiting his skills at the launch of ASKO Black Steel Series in India.

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