Thursday, April 6, 2023

Social Media Platform ‘GotChosen’ Introduces a New Proprietary Technology

Revenue Centric Ad Technology

o Streamlines ad monetization on the GotChosen platform

o Processes mass payment transactions in different currencies

o Process completed in 300 milliseconds

06 April 2023, Mumbai - GotChosen, the social media platform that prioritises monetization for influencers, introduces its new proprietary technology that is bound to create a disruption in the industry with respect to how content is created and consumed. The proprietary technology streamlines ad monetization and process mass payment transactions to creators. The Inclusive model allows creators of all sizes - from nano to celebrities - to earn revenue by creating content for their audience. 

The revenue centric ad technology for ads can identify how much an influencer should be paid for each ad impression that is sold in real time, along with content. The revenue is allocated to the owner of the content regardless of the device, geo, or type of content. The Artificial Intelligence led technology guarantees monetization on all creator content and supports multiple advertisement formats like display, native, video, and interstitial ads. The technology is optimised to yield an effective and sustainable monetization model to creators and provides complete revenue report to creators. 

The new technology has also enabled GotChosen to create a highly efficient mass payment system, which processes mass payment transactions in different currencies to content creators on the platform, in more than 50 countries. 

GotChosen’s proprietary technology uses programmatic advertising, developed in-house, to sell an ad inventory from 200,000+ brands and credits 60% of the ad impression earnings to the owner of the content. The technology allows the entire process, from identification stage to payment, to be completed within 300 milliseconds. 

Commenting on the new technology, Oz Silva, Founder and CEO, GotChosen said. “We, at GotChosen, are committed to democratising the revenue earning model from social media platforms. The technology was developed keeping this commitment at the core. We believe that it is time to make changes to the model of digital content consumption. We aim to marry our technology with our experience in the market and partnership with peers in the ecosystem to create a failproof method to share large majority of the ad revenue generated on GotChosen platform with creators on board.”

“We are also keen to ensure transparency at all stages of the process and the creators get a full report of the revenue. It is our endeavour to make sure that the right amount is reaching the creators at the right”, he further added.

GotChosen is committed to be the pioneer of this tomorrow’s trends today and create a disruptive way in how content creators and their audiences interact with Brands.

About GotChosen

GotChosen is an American headquartered tech company founded by Brazilian entrepreneur, Oz Silva. Oz built GotChosen with the aim to enable websites and influencers to monetise their social media content. This unique social media monetization platform enables content creators and influencers to monetise their social media content and earn more without compromising users’ experience.  With GotChosen, content creators and influencers have an opportunity to expand monetisation by leveraging their existing following base in other social media platforms and can start monetization with small number of followers. For more information, visit our website - 

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