Friday, April 7, 2023

MGL reduces CNG and Domestic PNG price

MGL welcomes the decision taken by the Government of India (GOI) for revising the pricing methodology of domestically produced natural gas to promote usage of natural gas. This step of GOI will help to increase the consumption of natural gas in domestic and transportation segment, which is an additional step towards making India cleaner and greener.

MGL has always been a customer friendly company and has been passing any reduction in gas cost to its consumers to promote usage of natural gas. In the month of February 2023, MGL had reduced its Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) price by Rs. 2.5/Kg.

In continuation to the above, MGL is pleased to pass on the benefit of this reduction in domestic gas cost to its Domestic PNG and CNG consumers. Accordingly, the price of CNG is reduced by Rs. 8/Kg and Domestic PNG (DPNG) by Rs. 5/SCM in and around Mumbai.  

The reduced MRP of CNG will now be Rs.79.00/Kg and Domestic PNG will be Rs. 49.00/SCM effective from midnight of 07th April, 2023/ morning of 08th April, 2023.

MGL’s CNG now offers attractive savings of about 49% and 16% as compared to petrol and diesel respectively at current price levels in Mumbai. Also MGL’s Domestic PNG will offer around 21% savings as compared to current price of Domestic LPG while delivering unmatched convenience, safety, reliability and environmental friendliness to consumers.




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