Thursday, April 13, 2023

How to win every game in Road to Valor: Empires; A beginner's handbook

KRAFTON,Inc., leading South Korean video game developer, has recently launched a new player vs player strategy game called Road To Valor: Empires. The game challenges players to embark on quests, build armies and fight battles as they command mythical troops and legendary guardians.

For those new to the game, Road To Valor: Empires can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. With the right strategy, anyone can jump in and start playing. Here are some tips and tricks that will help players ace the game:


Choose your guardian:

While the game includes 12 different guardians, when you begin the game players can choose from one of 3 guardians: 

Caesar (Roman) 

Cyrus (Persian)

Beowulf (Norman)

Each guardian possesses different active and  passive skills. For example, Cyrus can summon his elephant troops onto the battlefield and reduce cavalry deployment time by 50% . Beowulf himself can jump into the battlefield and increase the max HP of Norman units by 10%. Deploying your guardian’s powers at the right time can help you turn the game in your favor.

Assemble your troops:

Along with your guardian, you can choose 8 units ranging from cavalry, spearmen and infantry to form your army. These units use different battle styles such as ranged attack, melee and shields. You can check all information on the units including Attack Damage, HP, attack type, speed etc. before making a selection.

It is important to deploy a good mix of varied units for defense and attack. While cavalry trumps most infantry units except spearmen, shield units are strong against ranged attacks and ranged attacks are powerful against melee attacks with low defense. Understanding the various dynamics will give you an edge in assembling a strong army. 


Upgrade units:

The level of difficulty increases as you climb up the ranks. Therefore, it is important to upgrade units and guardians regularly to increase their Attack Damage and HP. Win gold coins with each battle  to upgrade existing units and unlock new ones. You can also check the shop section of the game to win a free chest and other rewards every day!

Master the strategy: 

To become a top player in Road To Valor: Empires, you need to master the strategy. This includes building a strong defense, selecting the right units for battles, and choosing the best tactics for each situation. The best way to advance further is to try out various combinations of units and guardians, till you find your winning formula. You can also pre-set up to 5 different armies with various guardians and play with a different troop each time. 

Road To Valor: Empires is an exciting and challenging game that requires strategic thinking and careful planning. Get started today!

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