Friday, June 4, 2021

Nippon Paint India Automotive and Refinish Business scales up its efforts to extend medical and financial support to employees and their families

Company continues its ongoing efforts to vaccinate all employees and their families


Mumbai| June 04, 2021| Nippon Paint India Automotive Refinish and Wood Coating is stepping up its ongoing vaccination drive and other medical support initiatives for all its employees and their families. With the new phase 3 of vaccinations which makes everyone above 18 eligible, the company is revamping its efforts. In addition, Nippon has been taking initiatives such as insurance coverage, leave assistance, reimbursement for COVID tests and sponsoring vaccination shots. Nippon has also partnered with Sweden based telemedicine provider Doc Online to provide free medical assistance and consultations. Nippon has also rolled out support programs to help families in case of sudden demise of an employee which include annual salary, childcare and education support and employee opportunity for family members if they wish to work with Nippon.


Commenting on the initiatives taken by the company during these trying times, Sharad Malhotra, President, Nippon Automotive Refinishes and Wood Coatings, said “We at Nippon are doing everything in our power to ensure that we provide any kind of assistance to our employees, painters and their families. We have tied up with Sweden based telemedicine provider Doc Online to provide medical assistance and consultations to our employees and their families. We are also ensuring that all of us are registered for vaccinations, especially our younger staff which is in majority.” He also added “Nippon has rolled out some support programs for Nippon families in case the worst happens and we lose someone from our community. We will ensure that their families receive monetary support, childcare and education support and employment opportunity at Nippon, if the family wishes.”

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