Wednesday, January 29, 2020

This 'National Cleanliness Day' Bisleri pledges through #Bottlesforchange

~ Recycle Today for a Better Tomorrow ~

Bisleri's Bottles for Change that aims to educate the citizens about the importance of recycling plastic in our lives has recycled over 5000 tons of plastic since its inception in 2018. This National Cleanliness Day, ‘Bottles for Change’ is all set to educate the citizens of Mumbai about the importance of recycling plastic through their recently launched Mobile App.
The app aims to bring the Citizens and the Plastic Collecting Agents (Kabadiwallahs/NGOs) under one roof. It provides a hassle-free option to the citizens to search and approach a nearby plastic agent to handover their clean plastic which is further sent for recycling. The process helps in the making of products like t-shirts, caps, shoes, bags, recycled benches that are placed across Mumbai by the initiative.
Mr. Santosh DarneHead CSR, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd says, “Cleanliness is important for our health and hygiene. A clean environment promotes positivity and good vibes around us. Plastic recycling is one of the tools in contributing towards a cleaner environment. We at Bottles for Change focuses on every aspect of plastic recycling and have successfully engaged lakhs of citizens in Mumbai. We have hosted workshops across the city that emphasizes on the correct disposal of plastic as we believe, cleaning plastic and segregating it helps us to send it directly for recycling. This National Cleanliness Day, let’s do our bit for a cleaner environment.”
About Bottles for Change:Since its inception, ‘Bottles for Change’ programme has conducted over 200 plastic recycling awareness and collection drives and workshops in corporate offices, housing societies, schools, colleges and other institutions, malls, festive & social gatherings, events, etc. With over 4,800 Tonnes Of Plastic recycled by Bisleri, ‘Bottles For Change’ programme has reached out and successfully engaged 15,00,000 Citizens, 600 Housing Societies, 150 Corporate, 400 Hotels And Restaurants, 200 Schools : 3,00,000 Number Of Students who have actively supported and joined the initiative. 
This program has created a complete value chain. Plastic is picked up right from the doorstep of a citizen and sent to the Recycler without involving any Waste Bins or Dump Yards. THE KEY MESSAGE IS TO CLEAN PLASTIC BEFORE DISPOSING AS CLEAN PLASTIC CAN DIRECTLY GO FOR RECYCLING.

Bottles for Change has been receiving a tremendous response from the citizens and as a gesture of contributing to the society, the team has placed RECYCLED BENCHES at the prominent areas of Mumbai. 

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