Sunday, January 5, 2020

Humanitarian and accomplished actor-producer, John Abraham unveils the braille edition of Karma Sutra – Cracking the Karmic Code

On the occasion of the United Nations Braille Day, John Abraham, Brand Ambassador to the
National Association for the Blind (NAB) in India, unveiled the Hindi Braille Edition of the book, Karma Sutra – Cracking the Karmic Code at Le Sutra – the world’s first Indian art hotel.

Authored by Hingori, Karma Sutra, the first in a series of four books from Hingori Sutras Publishers, explains the Indian doctrine of Karma and serves as a DIY (do-it-yourself) manual for those who want to harness the invaluable wisdom of spiritual masters. If this book is lived in practice, it can serve as a tool to carve a better future in this lifetime and earn the karmic wealth that will command one's ethereal status after death.

As part of its CSR, Le Sutra subsidizes the marketing costs of the Hingori Sutras, thus ensuring that their reach is amplified. Since approximately 2.2 billion* of the world's population are either blind or visually impaired, it is imperative that they are have the opportunity to read books like Karma Sutra that have much to offer to humanity. Therefore, Hingori Sutras has directed its efforts towards transcripting its books in braille.

Brand Ambassador for NAB, John Abraham, attended this event along with his parents. Upon unveiling the book, he said, "Braille is more than just a language for the blind; it is the currency of their thoughts. Books in Braille allow the visually challenged to expand their horizons, discover new worlds and enrich their life. Therefore, I am happy to unveil a book like Karma Sutra which resonates with my personal  philosophy of serving all life form including animals and humans.”

NAB works to empower the visually challenged, encouraging and enabling them to lead a life of dignity and productivity.

*As per WHO (World Health Organization)

About National Association for the Blind (India)
Since its inception in 1952. National Association for the Blind (India) has worked towards the empowerment of the visually challenged in India to enable them to lead a life of dignity, productivity and independence Its mission is four fold – a) Prevention of preventable and cure of curable visual impairment b) Socio-economic rehabilitation of the visually challenged in mainstream, through education, training and employment c) To take up advocacy against all types of individual and structural discrimination and ensure full legal capacity d) Assure accessibility to the world of information

About Hingori Sutras
The Hingori Sutras are a series of easy-to-read books that collectively distil the spiritual wisdom of the ancient Indian siddh gurus.
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Written by someone who, within a span of a few years, transcended the journey from student to teacher of spiritualism, these books bridge the gap between ignorance and wisdom by demystifying spiritual concepts and practices. They could help you identify your path and hasten your footsteps.
Led by the mission of connecting people to their spiritual selves, the Hingori Sutras have a vision of leading hundreds into sainthood within the next 10 years. While to some this may sound outlandish, this is an achievable task because we have already seen 40% traction in results.
About Le Sutra
Le Sutra – the world’s first Indian Art Hotel is the culmination of the work of 120 artists, sculptors and designers. Taking from a palette of philosophy, myth, art and history, Le Sutra’s canvas is painted with the colours of illusive Indian-ness. At Le Sutra we have tried to weave thousands of years of Indian ethos in a narrative through contemporary Indian Art. The hotel is based on the concept of the gunas which are tendencies and attributes that exist within people, nature and things; their thoughts and emotions, so essential to the evolution of consciousness.

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