Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Can Immortality be achieved in this generation? “The Secret of Liberation” book launched by Talat Aziz discusses the same

 "THE SECRET OF LIBERATION" authored by Devaseer E. Lankadieu and published by Partridge India, was launched at the Mumbai Press Club. The book is compiled by Lankadieu for the people who will enter into Dharma Yuga or Millennium. His main aim is to spread the unadulterated truth of the almighty and the “Gospel of the Supreme Sacrifice” all over the world.

The launch was done by Paul Uphaz N. Lawrie, D. Nirmal Kumar and M Prabhudas. The esteemed chief guests for the event were Singer & Composer Mr. Talat Aziz and Ms. Gauri Yadwadkar (A & R Head, Times Music). The author Mr. Devaaseer Lankadieu has been a proficient teacher of Indian scriptures. As the Bhagavad Gita verbalizes, “The person, who offers the highest love on Me, will teach the most profound Gospel of Supreme Sacrifice or Gita to My devotees and shall attain me there is no doubt about it. 

The readers will find the values of the “art of purification of the self.” The book includes 18 virtues that a human being needs to practice to attain the joy of peaceful living. The book reveals to its readers the secret to living an ideal life which is something that people seek clarity on for their whole lives. People in the past were aiming to procure health, wealth, joy, peace and the most aspired deathless life; but in vain. The craving for deathlessness was one thing which was not achieved by anybody in the planet. 

According to Devaseer Lankadieu, it paves the way for immortality. “The eighteen virtues mentioned in this book are like gems of a crown,” says Lankadieu “By practicing these virtues, one is sure to reach to achieve the goal of being immortal.”

Indian singer and musician Talat Aziz said, “Being a spiritual person myself, I was extremely curious about the book. It answers several questions that I as an individual had in mind about life and immortality.”

Mr Shantanu Nagarkatti (MS Oncologist & Surgeon) said, “Lankadieu puts together 18 virtues in this book that teach you the perfect way to live a life that will generate joy and peace in abundance. It reveals secrets to living a life that is ideal, a life that everyone desires to have and to be able to achieve the ultimate goal that is Mukti towards the end of it”. 

An excerpt from the book reads: ‘The Magnificent’ sustains the whole world, both animate and inanimate things. When we realize the mysterious power of the Creator, we will be filled every minute with gratitude. You must be always full of joy when your heart is full of gratitude for this life on earth.
You can avail this book on Amazon, Flipkart, Goodreads and Kindle.

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