Monday, January 20, 2020

An exhibition of four-decade-old journey in calligraphy by noted calligrapher Achyut Palav and the release of his book “‘Letterospective” in English

The calligraphy is different creative art. Noted calligrapher Achyut Palav, who is credited with throwing light on this art form in India and abroad, is coming out with an exhibition and his English book ‘Letterospective”, based on his four-decade-old journey in calligraphy.

The exhibition will be inaugurated and the book will be released at the hands of famous cartoonist and President of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Raj Theckeray at Jehangir Art Galllery, Kalaghoda at Fort in South Mumbai at 5.30 PM on 21 January 2020. The exhibition will be open for all between 11 AM and 5 PM till 27 January 2020. Achyut Palav will personally present demonstrations of calligraphy during the exhibition.

Achyut Palav will unfold many important developments in his 40 years old journey in this exhibition. The documents, coins and tools received while dealing with boards, banners, hoardings, nameplates and while learning “Modi” language (an ancient variation of the Devanagari) will be displayed in the exhibition.

He will throw light on how calligraphy began, its journey in India and foreign countries and peoples’ response to it, through this exhibition.  Palav’s stint with calligraphy began when Parel’s Dr Shirodkar High school entrusted him the responsibility to write “Suvichar” (Best Thoughts) on the school board in 1973. As the days advanced, “Calligraphy” became more matured and he was credited with taking calligraphy to a broader spectrum of people in India and abroad.

Like India is an agricultural country, it is also known for many scripts. With a view to expose the creative and artistic form of these scripts and ensure communication, the “Boru Akasharayan” (an optical character recognition engine for Indian languages using “Boru” ( wooden writing instrument) was created.

With a view to expose to the different Indian scripts vis a vis the scripts used in the world, a focus will be on the separate concept of “Aksharyan 2020” in the exhibition. For this 13 feet tall “3 D Boru” is being created. Traditional “Borus” will be transformed into “Aksharyan” and main scripts (Devnagari, Gurumukhi, Gujarathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malyalam, Urdu, Bengali) will be connected to it.

Palav in his calligraphic journey of 40 years (1973 to 2019) presented his art in different letters and scripts. He founded “Achyut Palav School of Calligraphy” to propagate the art of calligraphy and organised several editions of “Callifest”, the festival which seeks to highlight the importance of  rich culture and vast heritage of Indian scripts. “Callifest” also provides a forum to the calligraphers, who are felicitated with “Callihunt” awards during the festival.

Till now he has published over 10 books related to the calligraphy. Several countries including Netherlands, Germany, London, China, Dubai, Algeria, Korea, France and Russia, have taken note of his workshops, lectures and demonstrations. 

His calligraphic work finds place in many libraries and museums including: Stiftung Archives,Germany, Klingspor Museum, Germany, The Academy of Arts (German: Akademie der Künste), Berlin, Armenian Consulate, Societe General, Paris, France and Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, Moscow, Russia.

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