Saturday, January 25, 2020

Josh Foundation continues to change lives of underprivileged hearing impaired children by donation of digital hearing aids.

Josh foundation has always supported hearing impaired children, with the state-of-the-art medical
technologies coupled with a rehabilitation program. Josh foundation ends the first month of 2020
with the donation of hearing aids to 45 underprivileged hearing-impaired kids on 24th January 2020
at Josh Foundation Centre, Santacruz West. This Donation is supported by Mr. Bharat Sanghvi from
Automotive Manufacturers Pvt Ltd.

JOSH is a movement founded by eminent ENT surgeon Dr. Jayant Gandhi and a renowned audiologist Devangi Dalal. They have always believed that with proper care and support all such
children can, over a period of time, begin to gear well enough to respond to the spoken word and
better integrate with society. The movement is focused on assisting hearing-impaired children, and
inspired by the fact that scientific studies reveal that more than 95% of the hearing impaired
children have some residual hearing.

On discussing about donation of hearing aid, it came to our light that in contrast to belief of
everyone that a child born with more than 90% deafness cannot speak or hear, he has a limited
education and poor professional career. The Josh with his efforts of not only providing digital
hearing aids as per the need, it also gives them training which makes the child able to speak and
hear as normally as each one of us and their supported children’s have become IT Consultants,
Architects, web designers and entrepreneurs.

JOSH has been working towards this noble cause over the last 14 years supported by philanthropic
donors, NGOs and manufacturers of hearing aid. They have been able to provide digital hearing aids
to more than 1100+ underprivileged hearing-impaired children-while establishing six special schools
that provide education in a totally digital format.

On talking about Josh’s initiative Devangi Dalal said, “We at Josh foundation has always believed that hearing disability is no more a problem. One must not consider themselves as different, as there are a lot of solutions to it now. I always believe in empowering disability with ability, and that is the core motto of Josh foundation too. Our recent initiative is for all the underprivileged kids who are
suffering from such problem as they deserve an equal chance too.”

In conversation with Dr. Jayant Gandhi, he said, “Every human is equal and deserves to be treated
equally despite all the disability. Also, I firmly believe that they don’t need sympathy. We at Josh
foundation believes that the situation can be improved with the state-of-the-art medical technologies coupled with a rehabilitation program, hence, we are able to create asset rather than liability for these individuals.”

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