Sunday, January 19, 2020

Lodha World School, Thane encourages student expression through graffiti

 750 students paint the walls of Lodha World School with their vision of the school~
Lodha World School, founded with the vision to nurture an individual’s sound of body, mind and spirit, brought the best of 'study - play - learn' in their campus with Graffiti Art activity. In a span of two days, over 750 students from class I – IX painted the campus walls in various forms of art, expressing their vision of the school for the coming decade.
Themed as ‘The Decade Ahead’ the activity successfully brought out every student's vision for the school and their expectations from it. It further blurred the line between teachers and pupils strengthening a mutually beneficial relationship in the long run. This symbiotic learning exercise was designed to enhance a child’s emotional well-being and help in developing the skill to communicate better.
Talking about the event, Asha Narayanan, Principal, Lodha World School said, “India in the future requires holistic leaders. Catering to this demand, Lodha World School aims at creating and facilitating future innovators and break through thinkers, who can think beyond the four walls of the classroom, we were awarded as No. 1 for being the Holistic Education School by Education Today magazine.”
We have constantly endeavored to bring the inner self of every child through the key markers of the school- design thinking, emotional wellness, environmental consciousness and symbiotic learning.”
The school was a carnival where students were seen displaying various arts on the school walls, preschool students danced with parachute on the campus, preparing for winter festival and other students in the classrooms attended TilGud making workshops for Makar Sankranti. The engagement and activities are a true testament to Lodha World School’s philosophy of nurturing a cohesive eco system and culture. The study module promotes critical analysis, learning through innovation and empowers pupils with advanced learning tools giving education an exciting and dynamic direction.
Shriyann Palakkal, student of class 7 said, “I always look forward to activities and celebrations in school. They provide as the perfect outlet for our creative personality and help us embrace ourselves as individuals. We freely get the chance to express our feelings and thoughts and also gives us time to relax and connect with our peers and teachers beyond classrooms.” As part of annual calendar, the school dedicatedly designs tournaments, festivals and exhibitions bringing the children of every age group to participate.
About Lodha World School:
The Lodha World School brand, under the aegis of the Sitaben Shah Memorial Trust, has a broad presence, with one school in Thane, and two in the City of Palava, and multiple campuses in the pipeline in Thane, Mira Road and Palava. These high quality schools cater to residents in all the communities set up by the Lodha Group and beyond. As an organisation that embraces a child-centred culture, it felt important to absorb a set of values that resonates with all our stakeholders, location of the school notwithstanding. We know who we are, we know what we have committed ourselves to. We at LWS are a kaleidoscope of tradition, culture, values, and ethnicity. We empower pupils, parents and educators to realise their potential and enhance the lives of others.

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