Thursday, February 1, 2024

Budget reaction from Dr. Deepak Aiwale - Chairman & Director of Solaris Hospital.

Well-structured and a forward looking budget towards Health Infrastructure and focus on a holistic approach to health is seen as a witness of the commitment to building stronger health systems in the country. The allocation for the National Digital Health Mission allocation fund has increased from ₹140 crore to ₹341.02 crore is an admiring move but it requires a huge fund for health information technology (IT), telemedicine and telehealth. Telemedicine use is expanding across the vast array of neurologic disorders. Tele-neurology is no longer a vision, but a reality precipitated by the pandemic, the needs and aspirations of the Indian population. Follow-up- care of patients, epidemiological studies of various neurological chronic illnesses and their audit will become realities cutting down on costs and time to access quality neurological care using  telemedicine has proven during the pandemic era, so the National Digital Health mission requires more funds. The pandemic has brought the subject of mental health to the forefront. For this, the National Tele Mental Health Programme, the budget allocation has been increased from ₹121 crore to ₹133.73 crore is a really appreciative push.

Dr. Deepak Aiwale
MBBS, MD - Medicine, DM - Neurology
Chairman & Director
Solaris Hospital, Thane

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