Monday, June 19, 2023

TTK Prestige enhances your Kitchen with Spillage-control Hard Anodised Svachh Pressure Cookers – ‘Nakshatra’ and ‘Popular’ for modern kitchens

National, June, 2023: TTK Prestige, India's most trusted brand in kitchen appliances, has taken its expertise in pressure cookers to new heights with the launch of two new cookers – Hard Anodised (HA) Popular Svachh Pressure Cookers and Nakshatra Hard Anodised (HA) Duo Svachh Pressure Cooker.  Designed to revolutionize cooking experiences, the cooker sets a new standard for excellence in the kitchen.

TTK Prestige has brought together superior craftsmanship and quality in their new cooker range, offering exceptional features, unmatched performance, and a perfect balance of safety, cleanliness, and aesthetics. 

Pressure cookers are a staple in Indian kitchens and are used to create a variety of dishes including dals, beans, vegetables and khichdi’s. Given their frequent use, pressure cookers need to withstand the heavy and substantial cooking requirements. The outer–lid HA Popular Svachh and the inner–lid Nakshatra HA Duo Svachh Pressure Cookers are designed for higher durability and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The hard anodised body makes them scratch-resistant and long-lasting, ensuring that they are a valuable addition to every kitchen.

Both pressure cookers come with a unique deep lid that sets it apart from competitors. This feature is engineered to minimize kitchen mess by controlling spills during cooking, providing consumers with a hassle-free cooking experience, and bid farewell to kitchen chaos. To ensure safety and peace of mind in the kitchen, both cookers come with special safety features. 

The HA Popular Svachh comes with a controlled gasket release system that ensures that excess pressure is safely released. Additionally, both products include a metallic safety plug which releases excess steam when the pressure rises beyond a safe level.

The ergonomic designed handles in the HA Popular Svachh Pressure Cooker make it easy to handle and maneuver the pressure cooker. Additionally, given its sleek and stylish design, it makes for a great addition in modern kitchens. 

The Nakshatra HA Duo Svachh Pressure cooker is a versatile kitchen essential compatible with both gas and induction cooking. With an anti-bulge induction base, it ensures efficient and uniform heat distribution, catering to the diverse culinary preferences and cooking styles of Indian homes. 

The Nakshatra HA Duo Svachh Pressure Cooker’s 2.0 litres variant is priced at INR 1850/-, the 3.0 litres variant at INR 2075/-, and the 5.0 litres variant at INR 2775/-.

The HA Popular Svachh Pressure Cooker range comes in a variety of sizes starting from 2.0LTR priced at INR 1750/-, 3.0LTR priced at INR 2000/- and a 5.0 LTR priced at INR 2650/-. 

TTK Prestige stands behind their innovations offering a 5-year warranty on both, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction. The new range is available across India at Prestige Xclusive locations, select dealer outlets, and the brand’s exclusive online store

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