Thursday, June 15, 2023

Historic National Legislators' Conference (NLC Bharat) Begins

Mumbai, India - [June 15, 2023]: The National Legislators' Conference Bharat (NLC Bharat) commenced today, marking a momentous beginning as we embark on a historic journey to strengthen the foundation of our nation's democracy. Over 2,000 registered participants from across the country, transcending party lines, have started gathering at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai.

Over the next three days, distinguished dignitaries, renowned scholars, and legislators will engage in discussions aimed at fortifying our democratic values. These discussions encompass ten thematic parallel sessions, where 50 legislators, under the guidance of senior members, will delve deeply into the topics.

Additionally, six roundtable sessions will provide a platform for political leaders, spiritual figures, business and industry leaders, and legal luminaries to exchange ideas. Plenary sessions, including the inaugural program, will involve all conference attendees. Notably, the ‘Tale of the Tall’ plenary session will feature esteemed leaders such as Venkaiah Naidu and Sharad Pawar, who will guide legislators from various states in a valedictory program.

The conference showcases the APJ Abdul Kalam expo pavilion, reflecting the theme of Bharat's 75th year of independence and celebrating the spirit of democracy. The expo features exhibits such as "Commendable Practices by Selected 75 MLAs on Constituency Development", "75 Commendable Startups for Grassroot Development", "75 Commendable Programs of States and UTs", "75 Commendable Democratic Practices from other Democratic Countries in the World", and "75 Commendable Democracy-Idols from across the world."

On the second day, June 16, 2023, the conference will host the "Ramp of Democracy" event, moderated by the esteemed Padma Shri awardee and renowned playback singer, Usha Uthup. During this event, legislators will proudly showcase their ethnic attire, representing the diverse cultures and values of our nation.

In his welcome address, Adv. Rahul Narwekar, Hon'ble Speaker of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, emphasized the importance of constructive deliberations and sessions to strengthen the foundations of parliamentary democracy. He expressed his belief that the insights gained during the conference would shape the future of state legislatures and contribute to good governance at both state and national levels.

Smt. Neelam Gorhe, Hon'ble Deputy Chairman of the Maharashtra Legislative Council, acknowledged the remarkable achievement of bringing together esteemed Speakers of the Legislative Assemblies and former and current Lok Sabha Speakers in a single venue. She extended her appreciation to MIT-SOG and Rahul Karad Ji for embracing this challenge.

During the conference's opening day, the patrons of NLC Bharat extended a warm welcome to the legislators. Smt. Sumitra Mahajan, Padma Bhushan and Former Speaker of Lok Sabha, highlighted the visionary approach of Mr. Rahul Karad, the convenor of NLC Bharat, in transcending partisan politics and emphasizing the progress of individual states for the advancement of the entire nation. Shri. Shivraj Patil, Former Speaker of Lok Sabha, also congratulated Shri Rahul Karad for his efforts in organizing the Conference.

The conference is organized by the MIT School of Government in partnership with Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad. NLC Bharat aims to empower legislators, foster collaboration, and strengthen our democracy. The primary focus is to enhance the autonomy of legislative bodies through good governance and the fortification of democratic values.


10 Themes for Extensive Debate:

- Theme 1: Art & Craft of developing your constituency

- Theme 2: Instruments and Impact of Sustainable Development

- Theme 3: Welfare Schemes: Uplifting the last person

- Theme 4: Collaborating for social Good: Bureaucrats & Legislators

- Theme 5: Embrace Technology for Economic Welfare

- Theme 6: Work-Life Balance: A key to success

- Theme 7: Stress management in public life

- Theme 8: Construct your image- the tools & techniques

- Theme 9: Legislative Performance - Living Up To Expectations

- Theme 10: Commendable Legislative Practices


6 Round Table discussions 

Day 1, June 16

- Bharat@2047: Our Vision - Round Table of Leaders of all Political Parties

- Spiritualisation of Politics - Round Table of Spiritual Leaders 

- Transformation of Bharat in Amrit Kaal - Roundtable of business-industry leaders

- Functioning of the Legislature: Challenges & Road ahead - Roundtable of Secretaries of all State Legislatures 

Day 2, June 17

- Bharat@2047: Our Vision - Round Table of Leaders of all Political Parties

- Law and Citizens @ 2047: Our Vision - Round Table of legal luminaries 

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