Thursday, July 4, 2019

HGH India 2019 Highlights Sleep Technology and Smart Cooking for Indian Consumer

These Technologies are a part of Smart Living Concept

The second day of HGH India was action packed with innovations being witnessed by visitors from across 500 Indian cities. All the segments – Home Textile, Home Décor, Houseware and Gifts continued to attract interest. The concepts of Sleep Technology and Smart Cooking generated interesting conversations on changing lifestyle and a shift towards a healthier home.

As Indians move towards an upgraded lifestyle, consumers are focusing on healthier living and sleep
technology and smart cooking are the important aspects that are gaining traction. Visitors could access unique products for smarter solutions of future homes at HGH India 2019.

Commenting on the success of the second day, Mr. Geert Boettger, Director, HGH India commented,
“We are glad to see continued inflow of visitors from the morning and we hope that they will make the most of the extended hours till 9.30 pm today and tomorrow, Friday July 5, 2019. This year we have seen the industry react very positively to the idea healthy living in home products which strengthens our belief to launch the concepts of smart kitchen, sleep technology, Swachh Bharat at HGH 2020.”

Sleep Technology - Better sleep quality improves energy, productivity, health and overall happiness
quotient of an individual. New technology like TENCEL TM Lyocell fibres from Austria ensures better sleep quality with higher recovery rate and improved relaxation. The technology also maintains environmental balance by being integrated into nature’s cycle. The top benefits include biodegradability, minimal static charge, moisture management, prevention of bacterial growth, long-lasting softness among others.

Indian brands like D’Décor and Featherlite mattresses are using this technology with blended cotton for offering best solution to the market. Other mattress brands like King Koil, Centuary, I Sleep, Duraflex have also been introducing new innovations to improve sleep cycles.

One of the Exhibitors, Harry Lumen, Brand Manager, Centuary Mattresses, shared his views,
“Technology driven mattresses is the latest buzz in the industry. Consumers now want their wearables
connected to their mattress to track their sleep habits. These mattresses can also record heartbeats,
pulse, and sleep cycles. As a result of further development of this technology, mattresses are also
hooked up to gadgets that can analyze your dream patterns. There is a lot of data recorded, and this is
definitely going to revolutionize the mattress industry.”

Smart Cooking – In spite of the fast paced life and multiple dining options, enjoying a home cooked meal remains a comfort for the Indian household. To cater to the new age consumer, the cookware sector has adapted to meet diverse requirements coupled with functionality. To meet the demands of both
traditional and modern cooks, the smart kitchen has emerged, run by technology, and is connected to
the internet, and largely uses electricity over gas stoves. Products like induction based cookers, smart
cookers, crockpots, insta-pots, nutri-fresh blenders, and more have emerged, with several innovative

features. Some of the top brands of cookware that offer smart kitchen solutions were Stahl, Borosil,
Wonderchef among others.
Rajiv Agarwal, Managing Director, Stahl, spoke about the transition taking place in India saying,
“Pressure cooking is popular in India, however, we are still using a largely first generation version of
cookers, as compared to our Western counterparts. The rest of the world has moved on to the third
generation of pressure cookers, which work with intelligence, and run on AI. It will definitely be
interesting to see the evolution in the sector over the next ten years.”

Smart cookware has also emerged as a popular choice, due to the increased health consciousness
among Indians. Made using a variety of materials, including glass, enamel, non-stick coatings, stainless steel, and tri-ply, which use less oil, and ensure that nutrients are retained, and food is cooked faster.

This and more can be seen at HGH India 2019. After the first exciting two days of HGH India 2019, we look forward to another successful day on Friday, July 5, 2019.

HGH India, the annual trade show for Home Textiles, Home Décor, Gifts & Houseware is organised by Texzone Information Services Pvt. Ltd. The trade show is specially designed to connect the Indian market for home products and gifts with retailers, artisans and micro enterprises. High quality trade visitors at HGH India include department stores, hyper markets, specialty stores, high-end luxury stores and boutiques, traditional store owners, and online and electronic medium retailers. Institutional buyers, corporate gift buyers, interior designers, prospective agents and franchisees also attend the event in large numbers. Besides these, leading Indian importers, distributors, buying agents and brand representatives attend HGH India to explore new business opportunities and partnerships.
HGH India has firmly established itself as a world-class, professional, trend-setting trade show for home textiles, home décor, houseware and gifts. The show connects its exhibitors with their potential trade buyers in India and helps them find long-term business partners.

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