Monday, July 8, 2019

Girls’ Night Out The Party is On!

Late nights at work, deadlines, monotony- you need a break, ladies! Nothing defines a breather better than reliving old jokes, crushes, memories & endless dancing at a night out with your favourite girlfriends. Introducing Shaya’s newest collection- Girls’ Night Out which features playful & shimmery designs that represent the free-spirit in you, ready to party the evening away.    

An always in-trend earring style, the collection has incorporated tassels in its necklaces and bracelets too. Obtain a swishy effect with lightweight silver chains that dangle from the earrings and adorn the tasseled bracelets and necklaces,  statement enough to be paired with anything from a denim jacket to a little coloured dress.     

You can also bling it up with shiny Silver & Rose Gold Beads in the form of necklaces, bracelets & rings. Pair the long beaded necklaces with strappy dresses or keep it casual with the flexible bracelets. For those of you who believe in less is more, a statement ring made with silver or rose gold beads should do the trick!     

This collection includes 54 designs made with Silver tassels & beads, fit to bring in a fun-filled night out. The Girls’ Night Out Collection is available at, ₹  1400 onwards.    
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 About Shaya     
After almost a decade of making beautiful diamond and gold jewellery accessible to Indian women, CaratLane- a Tanishq partnership started Shaya in September 2018. This decision was made basis inputs from CaratLane’s customers, many of whom were frequent silverbuyers. Their concern: while silver jewellery has always been a favourite, the designs available in the local market were too generic and there was no guarantee on theirauthenticity. They wanted designs that resonated with their personal style and they wantedmore choices. This was found to be true among a majority of women all over India whenthe brand , later on, conducted an extensive market research. Shaya was conceived to address these needs immediately.  
Just like the women that Shaya is made for, Shaya has a unique personality. She’s Gritty yet Vulnerable, Fierce yet Kind, Badass yet Rooted-not exactly perfect, but One of a Kind! #SoShaya     

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