Friday, February 1, 2019

HAUSLA- unite together to fight against the cancer A Song for the cause


World Cancer Day is the one singular initiative under which the entire world can unite together in the fight against the global cancer epidemic. It takes place every year on 4 February. World Cancer Day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about cancer.

With a vision and mission to encourage and motivate the cancer patients and their care givers, AXIOMMAX and Media Credence has brought a Music Album HAUSLA initiatived, issued and released in the public interest. The song is available in five languages Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil and Kannad.

Hausala sung by well known singer Shaan in Hindi, Bengali and Marathi and Mr. Vijay Prakash in Tamil and Kannada, Choir- Anjali Khandelwal,  Marian Samantha , Lyrics Hindi : RAVI BASNET.

HAUSLA Story Concept, Music composed and Directed by Hitesh Mishra, Associate Director Vikas Pant, DOP Sitanshu Khamari. The Cast of the HAUSLA are Sahil Chhabra, Shezray H Mirza, Prithavi Raj Nayak, Nitu Singh, Dr. Hrudayananda Patnaik, Namrata Das, Aman Kotak, and Hari Shankar meher.  Media PR-Alok Gupta (Imaginem Media),

HAUSLA singer Shaan said, Mr Hitesh has composed a very melodious motivating song HAUSLA, which I hope will inspire millions of people.

HAUSLA Director Hitesh Mishra said that he Learned guitar age of 11yr. Tabla age of 4yr, Qualification Bsc botany hons and worked as a software engineer, He came to Mumbai in 1997. Stared journey as a guitarist with Hariharan and other eminent singers. From 2005 as a music director, From 2002 as a music arranger. Done lot of work n directed music with number of famous leading singer of Bollywood. Composed various commercial jingles, Worked as a Associate producer in the feature film OASS which bagged nine international award in 2013,

He Said that although he is entering to the film direction and as a producer, But my root soul is always tied to music. My journey has been started from a true musician. I always breath n visualize every creativity through music. Always wanted to do something new for people. I believe in good work in quality not quantity. Music is my life n everything. I was trying to do a little through my Music for cancer patients, who are suffering from this deadly disease. Trying to motivate them n boost their will power through my Music that, life is beautiful, cancer is preventable, and  never give up. Have the will power n confidence within,  one can win against cancer. When words fails music speaks. Always there is a hope, never give up
I will keep continuing my Music composition always which will bring a smile in everyone's face, Started own entertainment media company as cadence media in Mumbai in 2016, I m from Odisa , now staying with my family in Mumbai. Have two daughter. My elder daughter is a child model has  done more than seventy bigbrand commercials ads with big celebrities, I composed the song n story concept n directed the video as a director

Mr. Anil Kumar, CEO, Axiommax, who is in the healthcare industry for more than 32 years, said, “The support of family & friends plays a major role in coping up with CANCER & going through the long treatment journey of CANCER. The moment, the patient confronts the word CANCER as his/her diagnosis, the patient passes through various emotional phases starting from, Denial (NOT ME), Anger (why me), Guilt (This is the result of my wrong doings), Dejection, Depression & Isolation. The right knowledge, support of family & friend and the right treatment could save his/her life.

In this song HAUSALA, the Hero Jeet confronts Cancer at the peak of his career and goes into total isolation, becomes paranoid and initially does not respond to all motivational efforts from his parents, grandparents & friends. Then his fiancée comes back from U.S. and take efforts to make him feel normal. He slowly starts getting out of depression and ultimately comes out as a WINNER.

The song is released as a part of  our Corporate Social Commitments in  5 languages to start with viz., Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi & Bengali. We wish to dub the song ‘HAUSALA’ in many more languages. We are sure that this song ‘HAUSALA’ will carry an inspiring message among masses and will go a long to boost the morale of those, who are suffering and give us all, the satisfaction of sharing the emotions, the pain, the agony, the sufferings & the feelings of the cancer patients and their families.

‘AXIOMMAX’ has made a very humble beginning in 2016 with a vision to achieve excellence in global Healthcare Industry through top quality, best service and maximum care. Axiommax mission is to offer a wide range of axiomatic quality products to treat cancer and its complications thus making the lives of cancer patients & their caregivers more meaningful & better.

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