Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Textile Tycoon and Author Dhruv Somani’s latest four-volume Bollywood book series, titled ‘A Touch of Evil’ was launched by film legend and noted politician Mr. Shatrughan Sinha and wife Mrs. Poonam Sinha along with Aarti Surendranath, Maneck Davar and Mr. Sanjeev Taparia on February 6, 2019, at St. Regis in Mumbai. The book which is an ultimate guide to Hindi cinema’s horror films was together unveiled by them.

Dhruv Somani’s book series is a culmination of over 300 suspense, thriller and horror films. It encapsulates the essence of a genre that has been largely untapped in terms of serious documentation. “Many of the films I have chosen to highlight have been path-breaking and are recognised as milestones in the history of Indian cinema. However, I have also included several films that one may have branded as ‘duds’ when they were released, yet they have a strong star cast and melodious music. They have also contributed in a significant way to shaping this genre, but they are underrated and will soon be forgotten if not for documentation that invites a resurgence and gives these films new and fair regard,” the author explained.

‘A Touch of Evil’ is a treat for cine-lovers and information seekers. Adding to the appeal of this four-volume anthology are 500 images of posters, lobby cards and original booklets, besides fascinating trivia on maverick filmmakers and legendary stars.

Shining a spotlight on the best of this genre, these books traverse seven decades of cinema, to identify and celebrate movie milestones. “This book series attempts to provide an understanding of this genre by highlighting its landmark films. Hopefully it will act as a source of information for the next generation, while also serving as an object of memorabilia for others who love cinema with the same zeal and passion that Dhruv does,” said cinematic legend Shatrughan Sinha.

Dhruv Somani’s effort to document a much-loved — but largely lost — era of moviemaking is available in bookstores nationwide this month onwards. The 4-volume set is priced at Rs. 5999.

The Book is also Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, eBay

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