Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Juicilicious Raw Pressery

Mother-Nature by nature, is an Omni Potent giver / provider. Her generosity, beauty, love and nutritional care has no bounds. We the man-kind are neglecting our mother and running after money, instead of honey. 

If only we city-dwellers could get the freshest, organically harvested fruits and vegetable for our daily consumption then we would have been the luckiest, healthiest and fit instead of fat. 

Sadly, by the the time the farm-produces reach us, it's almost stale, chemically polluted, harmfully fertilized and useless. These wastes the very nutritional content of fruits and vegetables.

We have more than enough brands selling fruit / vegetable flavored drinks In India but hardly any of them sells pure, hygienic natural juices. Most of the bottled juices sold in India are processed or contain added preservatives, which ruin the healthy benefits of fruits / vegetables. It's almost useless and sometimes even harmful to consume these chemically processed, preserved juices.

Now, dear friends, you all must be cursing me for repeating this negative news n number of times. Please have patience, friends , here's the good news which is as much Juicilious as you can wish for ...

'Recharge your system ... with RAW Pressery'

We the Mumbaikars in particular and Indians in general feel fatigued and stressed most of the times , due to our intake of junk food , long travelling , pollution , lack of exercises ( being couch potato ). Every day our bodies work overtime to release the toxins we accumulate through our environment, processed foods, excess sugar, alcohol, caffeine, stress and pesticides from food.

RAW Pressery ( All Good No Bad ) assures us that being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. A juice cleanse can help us to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, by replacing our solid food intake with nutritious cold-pressed juices. RAW Pressery home-delivers various cold-pressed juices and cleanses across Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. Let's join the Healthy brigade, starring selective, fresh Fruits and vegetables. They follow strict controls to ensure the hygienic process throughout. They sanitize the fresh farm produce by UV Treatment, decontaminate it and wash it in purified water. 

RAW Pressery home delivers pet bottles full of  Apple, Watermelon, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Mango , Guava , Carrot, Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Almonds juices etc. in various healthy, innovative combinations. It tastes satisfyingly refreshing. My favorite is Pineapple + Ginger while my nephew loves Guava and sister likes Mango very much. The price is a bit on higher side but our health is Priceless, right ? Raw Pressery has no added preservatives so must be consumed within 48-72 hours of manufacturing. 

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