Saturday, July 2, 2016

Winsome Deco Window

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Stop looking at the walls, look out the WINDOW ' - Karl Pilkington. 

If only Karl had seen the Deco Window  2016 collection, he will edit himself , ' Stop looking anywhere else, Look only at the Deco Window '. 

Oh yes, that Winsome, Deco Window is!

 Deco Window, an e-commerce portal of Jayanita Exports Pvt Ltd unveiled an entire range of classic home decor products in various categories at the HGH Exhibition Mumbai on 1st July 2016. 



HGH India, the annual trade show for Home Textiles, Home D├ęcor, Gifts & Houseware is specially designed to connect Indian and international brands, manufacturers, exporters, importers, distributors & suppliers to the rapidly growing Indian market for home products and gifts. This 5th annual edition of HGH India is scheduled from July 1-3, 2016 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai.

One of the center of attraction at HGH India, Deco Window has always excelled in designing the products / accessories that satiate customer’s demands as well as offers superior quality, functional features, at affordable cost.

Deco Window customers have attractive, delightful and fresh innovative choices, whether they want roller blinds, customized curtains, customized blinds, curtain tracks, wooden curtain rods, premium automated curtain tracks, modern shelves and a whole new range of tiebacks.

                                              Deco Window will offer a variety of appealing curtain rods and a completely new set of curtains. Curtains starting from 1699-2799 INR (Set of 2), Tieback from 199-1299 INR, Shelving brackets at Rs 499 and Shelves in Lime, White, Red and Black color will be introduced soon, Curtain Rods from 1399 to 2999 INR, 19mm Track system will also be available in 3 colors –Charcoal, Brown Oil Rubbed, and Champagne Anodize. For the first time, Deco Window will also introduce manual track 19mm, 50mm Track, Automatic Roman blind, Roller blind and trim books.

 Mr. Vaibhav Jain, CEO, Deco Window elaborates , “In time and with growing demand for unique and aesthetically better products, with better functionality, we decided to launch these products for our valued customers. We are passionate about our designs and invest a lot of time in ensuring an entire life-cycle analysis of the product that meets all the economic, social and utilitarian parameters. Not only do we develop fantastic products, but the communication, supply chain, packaging, functionality, cost, manufacturing, and service is as powerful to cater to the needs of our loyal customers.”
The conceptualization of introducing the ultra modern home decor accessories is to set a unique goal for the year, complementing technology with simple products. Deco Window believes in expanding their range of products to make the life for their customers relaxed and efficient. These products prettily blend with the everyday life of the consumers.


Deco Window is a window solutions brand from one of the largest exporters in India –Jayanita Exports Private Limited. Launched in 2008 Deco Window offers completely captivating window solutions for your window apart from cushions, trimmings, door seals, Garden Torch and much more. Products / accessories are superior in quality with good value for money. You can choose from a variety of products available online as well as a display in their offline partnered stores.


ridhia said...

lovely exhibition

ridhia said...

lovely exhibition


Hey Ridhima , welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Yes the the HGH India Exhibition with Deco Window was a very pretty sight.

Sabyasachi Patra said...

Nice to see the curtain tie-backs. The drapery looks nice too.


The curtains, customized curtains, customized blinds, curtain tracks, wooden curtain rods, premium automated curtain tracks, modern shelves , the garden torches and a whole new range of tiebacks etc. everything is so pretty, user-friendly as well as VFM that we are spoiled for choices at Deco Window.


Hey Anjali , Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'.


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Anonymous said...

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