Sunday, July 3, 2016

Northern Tadka The flavor of Punjab

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Northern Tadka celebrates Diwali every day. How ?.  Well , you just have to visit it to believe me. We  the lifestyle bloggers were invited by Viviana Mall, Thane to join in the grand food festivals for 3rd Anniversary celebration.
We were given a choice of many specialty restaurant to try out the Starters , Main course and Desserts. We chose Northern Tadka for Starters

Tadka as in food can wait, for a while, that is, as your eyes brighten like phoolzadi ( sparkler ) when you glance at the dazzling interior of Northern Tadka

The ambiance is gloriously fluorescent to excite our appetite and the mock tails Virgin Pinacolada, Spicy guava , Kiwi Aid etc. added more colors to the Northern Tadka's visual celebration.


Northern Tadka's Mix Veg Tandoori platter positively boosted the Diwali theme with it's numerous variety of vegetables like spicy Malai Paneer Tikka , Stuffed Aloo, tender Tandoori Mushrooms , Tandoori baby corns  , Veg Seekh Kebabs , Tandoori Bhootta , Tandoori Shakarkands , Tandoori Pineapples with a candle lit salad decor in the middle. 


 The Tandoori platter was almost like a compact meal and still the manager insisted in tasting Crispy layered , soft centered Dahi Kebabs. These made us crave for more but , we had to control our tongues as we had to honor the main course invite at The Yellow Chili.

We had almost bid our good byes to the hospitable staff of Northern Tadka, and the chef would not allow us to leave without having a look at the freshly fried, marvelously syrupy Jalebis accompanied by creamy Rabdi 



indu chhibber said...

What a sumptuous feast!I envy you Sujata.


Hey Indu, Your envy is 'Norhern Tadka's Pride. The best feature of Northern Tadka is the super-hospitable staff.

amsang said...

Nice decor, I must agree. It sets the mood for the food. Fresh fried jalebis ....awesome.


Northern India decor is full on Diwali. The cheerfully lit atmosphere is amazingly appetizing. I prefer Keshari Pedha ( Aaswad's the best ) over Jalebi

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