Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Garnier #BlendedWithLove

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' Love at first sight ' is an absolutely romantic as well as psychologically proven fact. Research has shown two bases for love at first sight. The first is that the attractiveness of a person can be very quickly determined, with the average time being 0.13 seconds. Continuing with this same track , First impression, counts and that happens mostly according to our hair, i.e. long, short, curly, straight and even baldness. It's here Garnier Ultra Blends come in picture and make you photogenic with crowning glory for your hair.

Garnier-Ultra Blends, France's no.1 Natural hair-care range with loving care blended for naturally beautiful hair, just launched in India with five #BlendedWithLove variants. Each person, even in a same family has different kind / color of hair so naturally each one needs different care / nutrition for his / her hair. Let's check out, which variant of Garnier Ultra Blend suits which kind of hair.


First of all, the Garnier Ultra Blend range is made up of precious natural ingredients #BlendedWithLove . It provides gentle loving care for hair. The indulgent fragrances and caring formulas bring to life an immersive world of nature & beauty.

One of my sister has jet black, thick, dull hair with split ends, while the other has dark brown, thin, lusterless hair and dry scalp. I seem to have bad hair day every day so you all can consider yourself lucky to face bad hair only once in a while. We read out the description / ingredients of all 5 variants of Garnier #BlendedWithLove carefully and selected our very own kind of #BlendedWithLove bottles.

My sister with black, thick hair, dull hair + Oily scalp chose Garnier 'Royal Jelly & Lavender' , an Anti-Hair fall shampoo. It's the reconstructing blend that prevents hair breakage. How ? : It's 1st ingredients Royal Jelly is an extract of the beehive - rich in Amino acids, vitamins and lipids which helps reconstruct and strengthen weak hair. It's 2nd ingredient Lavender is an extract from the lavender plant, which purify and renew our hair while adding a soothing element to the blend.    

She is praising Garnier 'Royal Jelly & Lavenderafter using it just for a week ( twice a week i.e. 2 hair-washes ). She is very happy-go-lucky and much more optimistic, so let's wait and watch for 2 more week , how her hair fairs, I mean renews.

My sister with dark brown, thin, lusterless hair and dry scalp chose 
Garnier 'Henna & Blackberry', Nourishing Shine shampoo. It has the brilliant blend that illuminates dull hair. How ?: It's 1st ingredient Henna's deep conditioning and nourishing power infuse life into dull and dry hair. It's 2nd ingredient Blackberry's high concentration of anti-oxidents and vitamin c make our hair shine.

She is using Garnier 'Henna & Blackberry' Nourishing Shine shampoo for more than 2 weeks and not yet fully satisfied. Though we can see her hair looking much better and shinier than earlier. This sister is a bit more than just pessimistic , so let's give her 2 more weeks for accepting the fact that her hair did benefit from Garnier. 

Now, it's my turn to confess that I being. always riding on horse kind of hurry, want instant gratification. So ? so I am using all 5 variants of Garnier Ultra Blends, alternatively, wishfully thinking, I, I mean my hair will be an exact replica of Dimple's hair in Sagar. Let's hope my Dimple-Dream realizes soon with Garnier's #BlendedWithLove .

We sisters as well as you all will be happy with your hair cause Garnier has No Parabens. It's naturally mild and pure. It has refreshing, feel good fragrances. It's value for money. It's available in 5 variants, suitable for all different kinds of hair.
Garnier  'Mythic Olive' is Deep Nourishing shampoo. It has the nourishing blend that revives dry hair. How ? : It's ingredient Olive oil has therapeutic benefits and restorative power which gives intensive nourishment to our hair. 

Garnier  'Soy Milk & Almonds' is Intense Repair shampoo. It has the protein rich blend that repairs damaged hair. How ?: It's ingredients Soy milk has high protein content that replenishes and restores our hair, making it soft to touch. It's 2nd ingredient Almond, rich in Vitamin E provide long lasting deep nourishment to hair.

Garnier '5 Precious Herbs' is Revitalizing shampoo. It has the detoxifying blend that revitalizes weak hair. How ? : It's 1st ingredient Lemon's freshness and aromatic oil revitalize hair with natural shine. 2nd ingredient Eucalyptus oil's healing properties refresh and rejuvenate hair. 3rd ingredient Henna's deep conditioning and nourishing infuse life into dull and dry hair. 4th ingredient Aloe provides the moisture to revitalize the scalp and hair. 5th ingredient Green Tea stimulates micro-circulation and fights toxins to tone and revitalize hair. 

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