Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Catching up with Horlicks Growth+


Scene 1 : " Both these Dubbly , Bubbly are your daughters ?. " An elderly lady asked pointing at two little (twin) girls. One was bouncing around energetically, while the other was sulking and clinging to her mom's side.

It was a fun-filled birthday party and every body was in high spirits, enjoying children's singing, dancing and game-fights ... overall merry-making to the hilt. All eyes zeroed on  Bubbly ... the bouncing baby, full of charm. The mother beamed with parental pride as her Bubbly was the center of attraction and then looked aside sadly at Dubbly.

Now, it was the cue for that senior lady to make amends. She signaled Dubbly-Bubbly's young mom aside and prodded her gently about Dubbly's eating habits. She listened to mom's woes about Dubbly's food-tantrums and assured her that Dubbly will look like a real twin to Bubbly as soon as she joins Horlicks Growth+ club. She further advised the young Mom about Dubbly's playing outdoor games as an excellent form of exercise to build up the healthy appetite. Mom had her doubts cause Dubbly hated milk.  Finally, mom decided to give Horlicks Growth+ a chance for Dubbly's healthy growth.


Inadequate growth is the result of fussy eating ( eg, junk food ) , illness, lack of exercises etc. To catch up with the lost growth requires specialized nutrition. Parents must make sure that adequate nutrition is provided to their children through healthy supplement, for holistic #CatchUpOnGrowth.

Horlicks Growth+ has advanced nutrition supplement for growth and development of children. It naturally enhances growth, healthy weight gain. It has high quality whey proteins, essential amino acids, Calcium , Iron , Vitamin A-D-C and Zinc.  Healthy growth means gaining weight and height in sync with established medical standards. 

Horlicks Growth+ has been formulated by expert nutritionists and is proven to increase height and weight within 6 months. This balanced nutritional supplement is developed to optimize growth without causing obesity in children. 

" Eat Healthy, Feel Healthy, Be Healthy " is the main mantra, every parent must recite as well as  practice cause children learn fast and copy their parents, whole heartily.

Happy Home means the Family that lives happily forever in it. Happiness is the result of holistic Health. Health of the whole family , especially the children's is most sought after by all of us. We parents love our children to the fullest so We must care for our children's health with utmost sincerity.

Our children are very precious to us. Naturally their well-being , their health is our first and foremost priority. We must feed them all sorts of nutritious food , enriched with vitamins , calcium , iron supplements etc. That's when Horlicks Growth+ comes in picture,  to guarantee the overall health of a growing child. 

One more health issue is malnutrition. It mostly affects young children.  We feed Milk,  Fruit-juices, porridge, soups etc. to children to keep them  well-nourished. Healthy food guarantees healthy body and mind to our dear children.

Scene 2 : Almost after 7 months , it was Dubbly , Bubbly's birthday party, Mom had invited the Horlicks Growth+ ambassador ( the senior lady , who had held forth on Horlicks Growth + for Dubbly ). Well, I am sure almost all of you have guessed it right. Dubbly had caught up on lost growth as she had been drinking Horlicks Growth+ in various delicious forms , since that day . Yes , the miracle happened cause she liked both ( Chocolate and Vanilla )  flavours of Horlicks Growth + that mom alternated. Dubbly enjoyed drinking numerous Choco-milk shakes  , Smoothies . Frozen desserts made with main ingredient as Horlicks Growth+ in it . Dubbly benefited from the vitamins and minerals in it.

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Shaivi said...

I really liked ur way of conveying the right message through fiction!


Thank you so much Shaivi. Can you imagine, I spent whole day, thinking what should be the format of Horlicks Growth+ post, cause so many others were writing about it ? Even the names Dubbly, Bubbly were finalized after discarding many others.

Amit Pithadia said...

Very nice post..

artz bubble

artz bubble


Thanks Amit. Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'.

जितेन्द्र माथुर said...

This post is a master-stroke from a blogger par excellence of meeting the objective with the use of fiction. I am overwhelmed by reading it.

Jitendra Mathur


Thanks a lot Jitendra for the compliment. Welcome to 'spirit Of Mumbai '