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Sparkle #colgatemagicalstories

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Once upon a time there was a magical underwater castle made of Toblerone chocolates. This castle was mighty famous as Chocostle. It's cocolicious aroma spread far and wide, all over the world. Chocostle's fame was sweetly devoured through it's divine essence. The glittering wrappers of the chocolates added glitz to Chocostle's fragrant glamour.

Chocostle had slurpy doors choc-a-bloc with Kit Kat and Dairy-Milk bars. The windows were studded with Marsh-mellows and Fox-candies. The turrets were adorned with Krispy Kreme donuts and the terrace was tiled with Lindt bars. The courtyard  of the Chocostale was decorated with Ferrero Rochers , Mars and Patchi.

The King Colbrush and Queen Flossgate of Chocostle were the most kind rulers, who cared a lot about their people's happiness as well as health. They used to renovate their Chocostle once every week by distributing the chocolates and candies to their citizens.

It was world's most magical-wonder that, as soon as the King and Queen had finished distributing the chocolates and candies to their loyal citizens, the Chocostle used to get replenished itself instantly with freshest stock of chocolate and candies. The chocolate / candies - hamper given to the citizens always included combo-packs of Colgate toothpaste and brush.

King Colbrush and Queen Flossgate had a lovely daughter. The mermaid-princess of this Chocostle was popular as Princess Sparkle cause her teeth were as white and shining as Swarovski crystal. The open secret of Sparkle's crystal clear teeth was 'Colgate anti-cavity toothpaste with Calci-lock protection' . Mermaid Sparkle brushed her teeth twice with Colgate tooth-paste and brush. 


Sparkle was always surrounded by a gang of magical sea-creatures like Shelly Crab,  Tuskar Shark , Checkered Turtle, Spiky lion fish , Pouchy sea horse , Barracuda, Dolly dolphin, Chatty parrot, Purba sting ray, Twinkle star fish, Talwar fish, Gubba puffer fish etc. to play and study together. 

Each one of these magical sea creatures had one or the other magical power to defend themselves and to attack the enemies. They played hide & seek , hopscotch, Hula hooping , Marbles, Kick the can , Musical chairs and Treasure hunt.

The King and Queen i.e. Sparkle's mom and dad died in a tragic accident when they had gone for a fantasy Titanic cruise. Sparkle's  life turned hell after that as she lost her loving parents and gained cunning uncle, auntie in their stead.

Sparkle's cruel uncle, Tartar and cunning auntie Cavity ruled over the Chocostle after the untimely death of Sparkle's mom and dad. Uncle Tartar and auntie Cavity were so lazy that they seldom brushed/ flossed their teeth. Just being in the breathing distance of anyone of them would be a horrible torture similar to asphyxia. 

Tartar uncle and Cavity auntie had imprisoned Mermaid Sparkle in the topmost attic of the castle, with only a tiny window for air, as they were worried sick that she might topple them with the help of her extra-ordinary sea-friends. Extra ordinary because each one of Sparkle's friend had some magical features, unique to their species. 

Sparkle, herself had fantastic leadership qualities, which were underestimated by uncle Tartar and auntie Cavity. Even though a prisoner, Sparkle never lost an iota of her inborn intelligence. 

Sparkle knew that, it’s all about team-spirit. Great victories are won through Team. She might not have all that requires to conquer , but she definitely possessed it in collaborative power of her wonderful sea-team.

 Everyone in Sparkle's team had a unique special skill. She identified and leveraged those unique set of skills offered collectively by her team. She hatched an airtight plan to rescue herself from the evil clutches of Tartar and Cavity with the help of her Sea-team. Sparkle's witty friend, Chatty parrot flied in and out of Sparkle's prison room carrying Sparkle's and her team-mates messages to each other. On the D-day her team-mates united their wonderful magical powers to attack uncle Tartar and auntie Cavity and released Sparkle in a bloodless coup. Sparkle ruled the Chocostle kindly just like her mom and dad with the total support from her magical sea-friends.




amsang said...

Thats a very nice story. Wow


Thanks. If only , I write a blog-post about , how many hurdles I had to encounter while weaving this 1, that will make up for an entire novel. Not a single line of this post was written without the interruption from The plumber , the mesons , the watchman, the maid, the courierwala etc.

Sunita Sriram said...

You are a master story teller with all those interruptions! Loved the mystical characters ...chocolicious...but still wondering how the toblerone castle is surviving under water without melting...magical too!!!


Hey Sunita, Thanks for appreciation. Fantasy! my dear Sunita, combined with the wonderful
#colgatemagicalstories keeps Toblerone castle intact for a week at least till the renovation.

Unknown said...

Awesome story sujataji....very well written.. enjoyed reading it...


Hi Amina , Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Thank you very much.

Rajeev Moothedath said...

Beautifully woven story with imagination having a great time!


Special Thanks to #colgatemagicalstories packets , our children can weave numerous fantastic stories. Thanks Rajeev for the appreciation.

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Fiona Nazareth (She Says) said...

Beautiful story. :)