Monday, July 3, 2023

RegenOrthoSport Hosts Seminar on Regenerative Orthopaedic Care

Mumbai, 3rd July, 2023: RegenOrthoSport, a leading network of regenerative orthopaedic clinics, held an interactive seminar on revolutionising orthopaedic care.The topic was ‘How new non-surgical technologies are better alternatives to traditional surgeries’, chaired by Dr Venkatesh Movva.

RegenOrthoSport was established in India in by Dr Venkatesh Movva, MD, Sports Medicine, with a vision to bring cutting-edge technology to the people of the country. Over the past eight years, the clinic has witnessed tremendous patient outcomes and its founders believe that the future of regenerative orthopaedics will be a game-changer in improving patients’ lives.

At the programme, Dr Movva spoke on how orthopaedics is entering a new era, characterized by a paradigm shift from traditional joint replacements to regeneration. Human bodies possess a natural healing potential, but a lack of proper research and technology has often led to the need for invasive procedures to cut and replace joints. But, with advancements in regenerative medicine, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC), other cell therapies and new techniques, our bodies can now heal, repair and regenerate damaged musculoskeletal tissues.

Dr Movva discussed how regenerative medicine was fast replacing major surgeries in the Western world. He said, “It gives us great pleasure to have introduced these non-surgical techniques in India. Over the years, we’ve been pioneers in treating the Indian population and achieving excellent clinical outcomes. Conditions like ACL tears, disc (spine) injuries, OCD, labrum and meniscus tears and AVN, which were earlier believed to require surgical intervention, can now be successfully treated non-surgically through these biological methods.”

Dr Movva also said that, along with the new biomedical advancements, it is essential for physicians, the healthcare authorities and government bodies to ensure that these treatments are offered to patients ethically and safely. He added that RegenOrthoSport has got all the essential compliances from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and government authorities to safely provide these treatments.

“Research into, and development of, future protocols are imperative in this promising field and we’re working together with the authorities to further advance regenerative orthopaedics in India, aiming to be on par with the Western world and seize the opportunity to become a global leader,” Dr Movva added.


RegenOrthoSport is a leading interventional orthopaedic medical clinic founded in 2015, with Mumbai and Hyderabad as the main centres in India. It specializes in regenexx procedures, where it uses the body’s natural healing agents to treat orthopaedic injuries, such as osteoarthritis, joint injuries, ACL tears and non-union fractures, besides acute and chronic sports injuries.

RegenOrthoSport is a pioneer in the field of Orthopaedic Regenerative Medicine and advanced interventional orthobiologics through research and development and varied treatments. The regenexx network chain stretches across the world with more than 78 clinics that have access to regenerative medical procedures and an array of expert physicians who also receive hands-on training for several hours while developing new treatment procedures.

The medical clinic has published approximately 44% research studies on BMAC on orthopaedic conditions with 15 patents in interventional orthopaedic procedures and technologies.

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