Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Akshaya Chaitanya, an initiative of HKM Charitable Foundation is working for a prosperous Mumbai


Mumbai, July XX 2023: Akshaya Chaitanya and Reliance Foundation are working towards tackling hunger as vulnerability in Mumbai by serving food to children in municipal schools as well as to families of patients in public hospitals of the city. 

The initiative aims to address the lack of nutrition during formative years of life in underprivileged children. It also hopes to lower the struggles of families of patients from vulnerable sections of the society by making hygienically prepared food available at government hospitals. 

Currently, Akshaya Chaitanya serves lunch and dinner meals to 8000+ beneficiaries in 21 Govt. Hospitals and serves breakfast and lunch meals to 7500+ students in 98 municipal schools. 

“Education and Health are two important pillars for our prosperous future and team at Akshaya Chaitanya is delighted to be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to 15000+ beneficiaries in 21 public hospitals and now, 98 municipal schools to realize our mission of a truly prosperous Mumbai aside to being the financial capital. This scale of public hospital feeding for all 365 days in a year has never been attempted before. Reliance Foundation’s support is a boost to our mission of hunger-free Mumbai” said HG Amitasana Dasa, Trustee, HKM Charitable Foundation.

“By serving food to people who cannot access it easily, we want to ensure the wellbeing of all. And Akshaya Chaitanya is doing credible work to push for better education and health by ensuring food-security for vulnerable in hospitals, schools and slums. We are glad and honoured to be part to of this movement to eradicate hunger as vulnerability” said Jagannatha Kumar, CEO, Reliance Foundation.  

The initiative will help children like 8-year-old Rukaiya get the required nutrition, lack of which is a roadblock to education and dreams of a better future. Rukaiya lives in the slums of Daarukhana and studies in a municipal school in Byculla. She wants to become a doctor. Orphaned at a very young age, the child is being cared for by her grandmother who can barely provide for her. 

Akshaya Chaitanya is an initiative of HKM Charitable Foundation. By 2025, Akshaya Chaitanya envisions serving 1 lakh vulnerable in the hospitals, schools and slums to open their world of possibilities in the city of dreams. To learn more about Akshaya Chaitanya and its mission to make Mumbai hunger-free, please visit www.akshayachaitanya.org.

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