Saturday, March 11, 2023

How to get a Passport in Mumbai

 Step by step guide to getting Passport easily in Mumbai .

1. First apply online for the appointment . Fill up the form online . Pay rs. 1500, online .

2. You will get the appointment within 

 20 days maximum.

3. Gather the documents like Birth certificate, Passing certificate, Pan , Aadhaar, and Live & licence agreement ( if you are staying in rented house. ) 

You will need both Original as well as Xerox for checking.

4. Please go 30 minutes before appointment time. Mostly your turn comes earlier than the appointment time. 

I reached the passport office at 1.50 pm Went inside to wait for 2.15 pm slot. 

It started at 2 pm . We went inside after showing the appointment receipt.

At the lobby type horizontal counter , an executive checked out  Original as well as Xerox copies of documents , ie Pan , Aadhar ,  Birth certificate, Passing certificate ( ssc , graduation , any one is accepted. ). 

If any document is missing, they ask to get it. He typed A 23 on my token receipt.

 Within 5 minutes , I was called at  Counter A : Dc counter. Another executive checked all documents.  Both sets of original and Xerox . He scanned and saved all documents in computer. He Gave the Token number  with N for Normal . 

Clicked my photo , while i was sitting in opposite chair. 

Took impressions /  scans of Left hand's s , 4 fingers. Then Rhs 4 fingers , LHS thumb , Rhs thumb impression. 

Two signs on token. Sent to B & C counters which are crowded. 

There was CCD Tea / Coffee snacks counter , clean washrooms.

We had to wait here almost for an hour. They call the applicants in the lot of 20 to proceed towards B or C counter

At the B , C Counter again they check , tally your original documents with the scanned documents , which were sent from counter A .

Next they return all your Original as well as Xerox and tell you that you will receive a sms from Police department within 3 weeks for police verification.

I received the sms from Police within 3 days.

 Pan , Aadhar , Birth certificate, Passing certificate are the only documents required

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