Monday, March 20, 2023

Happy Family: Conditions Apply brings the differences in the generations in a very fun manner,” says Atul Kulkarni aka Ramesh Dholakia from the Prime Video show*

Amazon Prime Video’s Happy Family: Conditions Apply has been released and the audience is enjoying every bit of this comical sitcom. With rave reviews about the show being the biggest chatter in the town, the feel-good story, relatable characters, and rib-tickling humor have certainly struck a chord with the audience. 

The series introduces the audience to a family of four generations living under one roof, and despite having different opinions, they somehow manage to stick together and share a thick support system. Atul Kulkarni, who is one of the country's most sought after actors is seen playing the role of Ramesh Dholakia, a responsible Beta of Mansukhlal and Hemlata Dholakia is always looking out for everyone's best interests. 

Talking about how Happy Family: Conditions Applybrings the differences in the generations in a very fun manner, he says “I always look forward to working with the new generation of actors, writers, directors and technicians. And I just loved that part of my time on the sets of Happy Family. The new generation is very empowered today.  Information and freedom has given them a lot of confidence. And that’s a great thing. They respect people for who they are, more than just for their age. That’s why I always say that they have an equality complex. They are more vocal about the things they like and dislike. This is something which lacks in people from my time but Gen Z has that spirit where they don't give up or let others tear them down. There is so much that we can learn from the youth. Happy Family: Conditions Apply brings the differences in the generations in a very fun manner.”

Happy Family: Conditions Apply is written by Aatish Kapadia, and also features Swati Das, Atul Kumar, Kariuki Margaret Wanjiku, Paresh Ganatra, Pranoti Pradhan, Samar Vermani, and Neha Julka in pivotal roles..,

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