Thursday, March 16, 2023

"Athwas" an Exhibition Cum Trade Fair aimed at re-establishing the connect between J&K, Ladakh and Maharashtra to be organised in Mumbai

Mumbai, 16th March 2023: An exhibition cum trade fair named “Athwas – A Socio-Economic Corridor for Jammu-Kashmir-Ladakh and Maharashtra” will be organised at the World Trade Centre in Mumbai from 17th March to 22nd March. The exhibition’s objective is to:

Establish connection between Maharashtra, J&K and Ladakh

Promote J&K and Ladakh as film destinations

Provide local entrepreneurs with the opportunity to interact with the industrialists of Maharashtra

Promote J&K and Ladakh culture

Expand business opportunities in J&K and Ladakh 

Connect hearts of the nation

The Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir and the Union Territory of Ladakh (J&K and Ladakh) offer immense opportunities for development in areas such as tourism, agriculture, horticulture and related sectors. The region is blessed with natural resources, scenic beauty, and favourable conditions for food processing, agro-based industries, and tourism. With an eye on these opportunities, the fair is being oraganised to strengthen the connection between J&K, Ladakh and Maharashtra.

More than 150 entrepreneurs from different parts of J&K and Ladakh will set up their stalls at the fair and interact with well-known industrialists from Maharashtra and Jammu & Kashmir. With the aid of AICTE, Athwas intends to unite all relevant stakeholders to foster the implementation of solutions to address the economic challenges in J&K and Ladakh, and promote innovation and acceleration for young entrepreneurs.

The event will also feature the participation of Bollywood celebrities and filmmakers, who will encourage investments in J&K to develop it into a prime destination for film tourism. 

The 6-day event will also feature a fashion show representing the culture of J&K and Ladakh, a business meet and a food festival of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. Few are mentioned below:

J&K food specials (wazwan)

Handicraft products (paper handicraft, wood carving, stone carving, copperware)

J&K food products [kesar, walnuts, dried apricots, strawberry, cherry, plum, kashmiri almonds, dried figs (anjeer)]

Handloom products (carpets, namda, pashmina shawls, pheran, Kani shawls)

“Jammu and Kashmir is poised to become a leading investment destination in India, thanks to its efforts in developing various infrastructure projects and attracting both domestic and foreign investors through various forums and industrial summits. Despite three decades of underdevelopment, the UT administration is making significant strides in bridging this gap, and the positive changes on the ground are a testament to the current LG-led administration's dedication and commitment. We are hopeful that the "Athwas" event will provide an opportunity to allay fears and apprehensions from the minds of the outside business community about investment in J&K” said Mr. Gagan Mahotra, President, Reception Committee Athwas 2023 Director, Dreamworth Solutions. 

The "Business Meet" will be organised to bring together entrepreneurs from J&K and Ladakh with their counterparts from Maharashtra to promote dialogue and facilitate business expansion through networking and building connections.

“The primary objective of the exhibition is to showcase the key growth sectors and investment opportunities in J&K and Ladakh's industries and tourism, with the aim of attracting new investments. The mega event will feature strategic sectoral sessions, technical presentations, partnerships, one-to-one business meetings, and other activities. It will serve as an excellent platform for fostering connections between the local and external business communities, generating primary employment opportunities, and creating secondary and ancillary employment opportunities for the youth” said Ms. Ruchita Rane, Head, Territory Development of J&K, PARC

Gulshan Foundation with its collaborators along with the Government of Maharashtra will be organising this event which will include honorary guests from both Maharashtra and J&K. Here is the list of eminent guests who will grace the exhibition:


Shri. Devendra Fadnavis, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Shri. Mangal Prabhat Lodha, Cabinet Minister, Government of Maharashtra

Shri. Shrikant Bhartiya, Member of Maharashtra Legislative Council

Shri. Vijay Kalantri, Chairman, World Trade Centre Mumbai Economy 


Mr. Eko Junor, Minister Counsellor of Indonesia

Shri. Gauranga Das, Director, Govardhan Ecovillage, India


Mr. Irfan Ali Pirjade, Secretary, Gulshan Foundation

About Athwas

Athwas, a non-profit socio-cultural organisation of British Kashmiris. Our purpose is to bring the diaspora together and promote Kashmiri cultural heritage. We carry out work in a number of areas: charitable, cultural and educational and work in the community. We are neither affiliated with any political party nor funded by any external organisation.

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