Thursday, August 11, 2022

Steel Users Federation of India (SUFI) organized “ SUFI Steel Award 2021, Jury Meet Mumbai. on 9th August 2022

*This year more than 280 steel companies applied to compete and participate in various categories of SUFI Steel Awards*

 August 2022, Mumbai

While our country’s infrastructure is growing day by day, India is still only at 76kgs/head consumption while the world average is about 238kgs. Therefore it is imperative Indian steel industry is given the required push and support. The government is doing its bit by declaring huge investments in infrastructure projects and thus supporting the consumption of steel.

SUFI “s main objective is to bring all steel take holders onto a common platform and help achieve the objectives of steel policy 2017 which has a target of production of 300 million tons and consumption of 160 kgs/head by 2030.

SUFI STEEL AWARDS is an initiative by SUFI to recognize, applaud and award excellence in the steel sector so that others are motivated by the same.  

On 09th August the Jury Meet for the 3rd edition of SUFI STEEL Awards was held in Mumbai. The Jury consist of

1.       Mr. Rajiv Jalota (Chairman, MBPT),

2.        Mr. Sameer Patil (Chief Business Officer, BSE),

3.        Mr. Pramod  Agrawal (Chief Commissioner, Customs Mumbai Zone I),

4.        Dr. Mukesh Kumar (Director, SRTMI),

5.        Mr. Hinesh Doshi (Past-President, Chamber of Tax Consultants).

6.       Mr. Ramesh Chander, Commissioner, GST Audit-II

During the press meeting when asked, how do you think SUFI Steel Awards help to promote the Indian Steel Industry? Dr. Mukesh stated, “Our country’s steel industry has a lot of opportunity for growth and the SUFI Awards is a motivating factor for all big and small companies to put their best foot forward not only to win the awards but also to have a profitable business.”

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