Friday, August 12, 2022

4 offbeat things you can do this Raksha Bandhan to make it super special for your sibling

  1. Get creative with your Rakhi Thali

When you think of Raksha Bandhan usually Indian sweets come to mind. But I am sure your younger siblings completely dread that. This year combine the two and create a Rakhi thali which includes a combination of mithai and chocolates. Much loved brand, Snickers recently launched a unique flavour - SNICKERS® Kesar Pista which makes for a perfect addition to your Rakhi thali!

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  1. Help tick off something on his / her bucket list with an all-inclusive getaway!

Who doesn’t love travel – and better so, who doesn’t love gifts that involve travel? Is your sibling an adventure lover? Do they like to go on hikes? Or are they beach bums? Well, Airbnb has got you covered. Instead of giving a conventional gift – take your sibling on a spontaneous getaway to the hills.

Villa in the hills

Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Set against the backdrop of the river Beas, the   breathtaking mountains, and lush green lawns, this stay is perfect for a short holiday in Manali. This five-bedroom, two-storey, minimalistic stay is great for taking some time off, stepping away from the daily hustle, and celebrating this holiday with your entire family. If you and your sibling are looking for some outdoor activity, head out for a hike up the Jogni Waterfalls, take a helicopter ride, or simply enjoy peaceful walks around the area.




  1. Pamper your sibling with a box of assorted chocolates which includes chocolates for all their moods!

From days spent fighting over who gets a larger piece of the chocolate mom gave, to hiding your share somewhere safely in the house so your brother didn’t get his hands on it – every sibling duo can relate to these situations! With the Mars Wrigley Medley hamper there’s more than enough for both siblings to share, and it includes chocolates for every mood. Choose SNICKERS® to curb hunger pangs, GALAXY® to indulge in pleasure, M&Ms® to unlock your mischievous side, BOUNTY® to be teleported to a tropical beach, TWIX® to make your coffee taste better, and MARS® to satisfy your caramel cravings!  But what’s better? This box of delicious chocolates can also double down and make way for a new sibling tradition. Use them to challenge your sibling to a bake off where each of you can make a dessert using your favorite chocolate. And if you are looking for inspiration and need a recipe, check out these Snickers Crepe Cake.


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  1. Bond over your sibling’s favourite meal!

Whether it is fighting over who gets the last leg piece or splitting portions equally, sharing food with your siblings is always a bone of contention. But not with KFC’s Special 15 Ultimate Savings Bucket. Celebrate a bountiful Raksha Bandhan with this value offer which includes 4 Hot & Crispy, 4 Boneless strips, 4 Hot Wings, 3 Dips and 2 Pepsi and save upto 33% off. But that’s not just it. This offer comes with a beautiful and vibrant limited-edition bucket. With this, sort your Raksha Bandhan dinner plans – order in through the KFC app or visit a nearby KFC restaurant to enjoy your special day together



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