Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Garmin India launches a new health and wellness tool ‘Index S2 Smart Scale’ for athletes and fitness enthusiasts

  The ANT compatible Smart Scale has a sleek, slimmer profile with a high-res color display.

·        The BLE tech-enabled smart scale comes in a connected weigh scale, offering a host of features including weight trend graph, body fat and water percentage, and other features.

·        Offers exceptional accuracy, improved design and a battery life of up to 9 months, with enhanced capabilities to record and track progress for 16 profiles.


New Delhi, 9th November, 2021:  To power training regimes and boost daily performance amongst sportsperson and fitness enthusiasts, Garmin India, a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN),  today launched the feature packed ‘Index S2 Smart Scale’, a connected health and wellness tool with advanced technology and exceptional accuracy for serious athletes and like-minded users alike to ‘Beat Yesterday’.


The Index S2 Smart Scale features a sleek and slim profile with high resolution color displays. It comes with all the primary features including the new weight trend graph factor which tracks the change in bodyweight for longer period of time with enhanced accuracy.


The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled smart scale showcases a comprehensive range of detailed biometric data for its users. The devise highlights the body fat proportion which illustrates the percentage of essential and stored fat. Further, the health statistics seamlessly syncs with the Garmin Connect account which enables the users to view their detailed health information easily.


The all new weight trend feature in Index S2 keeps the regular users from getting distracted in their normal day-to-day weight fluctuations. The on-screen widget displays a line graph which exhibits the previous 30 days of weight readings making it easier to stay focused to achieve their set goals.


It conveniently displays information like the body mass index, skeletal muscle mass, bone mass and most importantly, the body water percentage which proves to be useful for the athletes to measure the amount of hydration required after a challenging workout.


Delighted with the introduction of the Index S2 in India market, Mr. Ali Rizvi, Director, Garmin India, said, “Garmin’s prime objective across the markets is to introduce advanced technology, supporting the athletes and fitness enthusiasts in their daily training and improving performances. The Garmin Index S2 smart scale is for every health conscious and fitness enthusiast individual across sectors. Loaded with unique capabilities, the ultra-modern tool can provide crucial insights with crucial features like weight trend graphs, customizable widgets, enhanced accuracy, and a variety of biometric data, supporting people at all activity levels to lead healthier lives. This new tool is easy to use and can accommodate up to 16 users, making it the perfect for a family or a team.” 


The Index S2 has a weather widget to help users plan their day. For a more customized experience, the widgets can be turned on or off so the users can view the weather forecast in accordance with their specific goals.


The initial set up is simplified with the Garmin Connect app’s user-friendly usage tutorial. The Index S2 automatically syncs with the Garmin Connect account over Wi-Fi. The weight and biometric data seamlessly integrates into the Garmin Connect app where users can view day, week, month, and year graphs and trends.


Up to 16 user profiles can be created in the Index S2 to track individual goals and progress and each user can sync and view their own statistics in Garmin Connect app which makes it perfect for families, teammates or friends.


Price: Index S2 comes in two exciting colors: Black and White and features a battery life of up to 9 months.


It is available now at the price of:-

Index S2 Smart Scale, Black

INR 15,990

Index S2 Smart Scale, White

INR 15,990




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For more information about Index S2, visit https://www.garmin.co.in/products/intosports/index-s2-black/


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