Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Proxima Life`s Aquagym experience zone first of its kind in Mumbai : visit by Dr Naavnidhi K Wadhwa

Rapid Evolution Coach Dr.Naavnidhi K Wadhwa visits Proxima life`s Aquagym to Experience their new revolutionary fitness and recovery tools.

The Director of proxima life Vikas Sharma was present to host Mrs. Wadhwa, Mr. Sharma himself guided her and gave her detailed information about their AQUAGYM Aquatic treadmill 

Rapid Evolution Coach Dr. Naavnidhi K Wadhwa herself believes in Experiencing new and unique techniques she also is a strong supporter of AQUAGYM she says “Water has a power of memory and it always reacts according to human emotions and nature, AQUAGYM is a very brilliant concept I have experienced it earlier in abroad but im really happy that Proxima life has brought this thought to India and in a very effective cost, so I would highly recommend people to visit Proxima Life`s AQUAGYM EXPERIENCE ZONE and experience this revolutionary way to enjoy fitness.

Director of Proxima Life  says  “ we are very happy to have her amongst us and we appreciate her zest  for fitness and trying out new things, Aquagym is developed for multiple industries and home use. Ideal for athletes, sport teams, Hydrotherapy centers, fitness centers, Hospitals, Physiotherapy centers and rehabilitation this underwater treadmill system helps you to quickly achieve physical fitness, increase endurance, and recover faster from injury. AQUAGYM Systems are exceptional tools that utilize the benefits of exercising in water offering lower impact with higher resistance.

AQUAGYM treadmill are designed for the ultimate in hydrotherapy and fitness, boasting a larger exercise chamber for a wider variety of fitness opportunities, especially accommodating for performance athletes and arthritic or patients. Systems offer variable speeds and flexible water depths for weight loss, faster recovery, optimal training and conditioning, and rehabilitation from injury  .Water is over 700 times as dense as air so a 30 minute workout in water is equal to a 60 minute workout on land. #treadmill #physicalfitness #exercising #fitness #weightloss #conditioning #workouts #physiotherapy #endurance #athletes #rehabilitation #injury #recovery #patients #training #sport #performance #Hydrotherapy  #hydrotherapist #aquatherapy #aquatherapist #physiotherapists.

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