Wednesday, June 12, 2019

One stop solution to all your health concerns, that too at affordable prices! Thats Meddco!

Finding a good doctor and treatment at reasonable rate is always a major task. It is almost
impossible to know the details of the fees charged, which puts the patients in great trouble. But
now, this will be the passé as patients will be able to compare the prices of different health care
services and choose the best suitable one. MEDDCO.COM is India’s first digital pricing online
platform, where price transparency is the key. At Meddco we provide platform for healthcare
provider to promote their healthcare services with dynamic pricing, online doctor’s OPD
appointment system and health camp promotions.

Our website allows user to search for surgical procedure, diagnostic test and other healthcare
services amongst various hospital and healthcare provider in and around the location of user to
compare the cost of services, compare the quality of services by the user rating/reviews to take
informed decision. User can search list of different speciality doctor around their location and book
an OPD appointment of specialist doctor in just 5 seconds.

Organising free health check up camps is the most effective way to reach out to people and
spread the information about the healthcare services provided by the doctor or the hospital.
Though such medical camps are frequently organised by the doctors and hospitals, in most of the
cases, the information about such camps do not reach the target audience. These medical camps
can be promoted on Meddco. User can search health camp on various specialities in their location
on their available dates and Meddco will show listed camps in their location.

Our objective is to bring price transparency and improve quality of healthcare services.
At Meddco, we provide a platform to help you find health solutions that are convenient and useful
enough to continue for a longer time. Till date, we have had numerous users who have expressed
gratitude and appreciation on our social media platforms for getting timely medical help. They
were able to connect to the right doctors at affordable fees.

Why find doctors on Meddco?
In our quest to make healthcare simpler, we realised that accessibility wasn’t getting due attention.
So, Dr Sanjit Paul started thinking from the health consumer’s perspective.  He along with his
team started talking to doctors from different specialities to devise a viable solution. After
meticulous efforts to gather opinions and ideas, our teams collaborated to create an medical app –
Meddco. A simple app that available on android play store or iOs App store. It is ideal for people
who are looking for fixed price treatment packages.

What are our objectives?
Our objective is to unburden people of the difficult task of health care. We believe that our efforts
have the potential to change the way everyone views healthcare because every right step takes
mankind towards a healthier future.

At Meddco, we work hard to ensure that you and your loved ones have a fantastic experience
anytime there is a healthcare need. Curing pain should not be a painful affair. A host of healthcare
opportunities is just a click away.
Best way to use the Meddco app:-
Search for doctors speciality-wise in your city
Search for doctors speciality-wise in other cities
Search for hospitals
Search for Free health camps
Search surgery packages

Book appointments online
Rate a Doctor
Rate a Hospital
User reviews - Rate a doctor or hospital you visit. Record your experience on our app and help
others with your views.
Meddco is a sincere effort by Dr Sanjit Paul along with his corporate team to bring the world closer
while seeking affordable healthcare services. The priceless feature of price transparency of the
various surgery packages is a boon to the Indian masses.

Why are we spending more on health?
Lack of quality treatments - The Indian masses, particularly in the rural areas, do not have access
to quality medical treatments. Financial constraints and ignorance are the factors which further
contribute to quality healthcare.

Low Penetration - We have a doctor for each speciality all over India.  Health care is a two way
affair. Doctors and patients need each other equally. But absence of a reliable online platform,
both cannot connect with each other.

High Prices of medicines and healthcare services - This factor has remained constant in the
healthcare sector over the years.
Lack of affordable alternatives – Since all the doctors are not available on a common online
platform, people have no option for affordable treatment options to compare due to lack of
Meddco is a solution to all the excessive spending on health treatments.

Comprehensive coverage of Meddco
Online appointment booking is not a new concept in India but the major challenge in online
appointment aggregator are the size of database which means the number of doctors available on
their platform whose appointments can be booked via website. is one such platform that has been working tirelessly to add maximum number of
doctors of various specialities across all the cities of India who are available for the user for online
appointments with ensuring minimal waiting time by enabling both doctor and patient a direct
communication. has more than 1,50,000 doctors enlisted on the system which is almost one of top
size aggregators for doctors appoints available in India.
One of the core services of Meddco is finding the price of various treatment available near to their
location in various hospital and help user to compare the treatment or diagnostic price before
choosing the service. At present is having more than 1700000 such packages listed
of more than 27 treatment specialities.

Core objective of is to deliver transparency to the user so the trust between
healthcare providers and user grows to a optimal level by bringing price transparency to the
healthcare industry. has over 1,00,000 doctors listed from over 882 Indian towns and cities, with
comprehensive coverage from the metros of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai,
Pune and another tier 1 cities.

To know more visit or download meddco app from android or IOS play store

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