Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ayura Origins launches Insulin Tea Powder to tackle rising incidence of Type-2 Diabetes

~ Studies confirm visible drop in blood sugar levels over a 90-day period of regular consumption, normal readings achieved within 6 months of regular usage ~

Ayura Origins, a Gour Agro Products Pvt. Ltd brand, launched its first, indigenously developed all-natural product to reverse the effects of Type-2 diabetes - the Insulin Tea Powder. Ayura Origins is a home grown brand involved in the cultivation and manufacturing of natural health products that are designed to address specific chronic health issues ranging from diabetes, kidney health, heart health, digestive issues and gout/arthritis/rheumatism. All the products from Ayura Origins products have their roots in traditional Ayurveda and are packaged as food grade health supplements for daily use.
Priced at Rs. 975/- for a 150 gm pack (one month dosage), the Insulin Tea Powder is manufactured at the foothills of Kodaikanal in a natural pristine environment without the use of any chemicals. The tea powder is made from the Costus Igneus plant, commonly known as the Insulin Plant. It has proven medicinal properties to lower blood sugar levels in Type-2 diabetes patients, the Insulin Tea Powder helps rejuvenate the beta cells in the pancreas to promote healthy insulin release in the body.
Speaking about natural therapy and the use of alternate methods to control serious chronic conditions such as Type-2 diabetes, Dr. Mikita Gandhi, Registered dietician, gut health specialist and diabetic educator attached with Beams Hospital and Niron Hospital, Mumbai as the Chief Dietician said, “At times, it is difficult to procure organic food for consumption. But when it comes to prevention it is always better to opt for naturally grown organic herbs and preparations as it has tremendous healing properties. These preparations, when included in our daily routine, helps us beat modern day stress induced metabolic diseases. It alleviates the root cause of the condition thus improving our overall health. The Costus Igneus plant is known for its medicinal properties. The leaves contain corosolic acid, also known as Glucosol, which promote insulin release thereby treating diabetes. Moreover, it increases the sensitivity of the pancreas and stimulates the production of sufficient insulin to 'mop up' excess blood glucose.”
The World Health Organization estimates over 70 million people in India suffering from Type-2 diabetes. It is a result of a sedate lifestyle and bad food habits which have led to this increase and has also earned India the title of being the diabetic capital of the world. Having said that, Chennai is the diabetic capital of India where the instances of Type-2 diabetes are far higher. Type-2 diabetes needs to be managed as if it goes untreated, patients stand a risk of further health complications that include blindness, stroke and kidney failure.
The Insulin Tea Powder is a completely natural food grade product packaged as a herbal tea powder and can be safely consumed by those suffering from Type-2 diabetes on a daily basis. The Insulin Tea Powder cannot be used as a preventive measure.  It can only be used after Type-2 diabetes has been detected.  Reference studies by Ayura Origins on regular consumers of the Insulin Tea Powder confirm a visible drop in blood sugar levels over a 90-day period of regular consumption of the tea powder, and normal readings are achieved within 6 months of regular usage, as reported by the consumers.  The prescribed dosage is two cups a day for the first 6 months, followed by a single cup for the next 6 months. These results are in-line with studies published in the International Journal of Ayurveda Research, funded by the National Institute of Health and the Indian Council of Medical Research.
“The Costus Igneus Insulin Tea has been in the making for some time now; we wanted to be amply sure about its efficacy and hence, carried out a focused sampling exercise amongst people we personally knew to have Type-2 diabetes. The results were quite impressive where blood sugar levels showed a significant drop and continued to remain in control for longer periods. When a monitored intake of the powder, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, was continued for a period of one year, we found that the blood sugar levels had stabilised and continued to remain in the desired levels of a non-diabetic person”, said Manu Gour, Director, Gour Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.
For Type-2 diabetes patients who are already on allopathic medicines, the Insulin Tea is safe to consume as it is a food grade product. However, it is recommended that patients continue their regular check-ups and consume their medicines as per the doctor’s instruction. Over a period of time, the patient will see that the dependency on allopathic medicines will be reduced as sugar levels stabilize.
Costus Igneus grows abundantly in tropical climates and can be found in various parts of the world, including South India, Indonesia, and South America. Locals in these regions have often relied on eating the fresh leaves as a ‘sugar control’ measure. Moreover, the plant has its roots in traditional Ayurveda medicine as well. In recent times, as people are turning to more natural cures and methods of treatment, the Costus Igneus plant has come into the limelight. Rock Garden Farms (now registered as Gour Agro Products) has been growing the Insulin plant for 15 years. During this time, they scaled up on nursery operations, supported research about the plant at various institutes and finally after seeing positive results, applied for the required licences and nutritional testing before finally bringing this product to market.
Amongst other products from Ayura Origins, the Mango Leaf Tea is a fine green tea which also works in controlling Type-2 diabetes by restricting the conversion of glycogens, present in sugars and carbohydrates, in the body to glucose. For Type-2 diabetics, it is prescribed as the best way to start your day; with the leaf powder boiled in a cup of water and consumed while warm. It also has preventive qualities and can be consumed by those who do not suffer from Type-2 diabetes and wish to lead a healthier lifestyle. Mango Leaf Tea also has numerous other benefits that include asthma treatment and lowering cholesterol.  It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients which makes it a perfect green tea for the health conscious. 
Gour added, “It is imperative that good health practices are rooted in daily practices. Exercise, lifestyle changes, and food are critical for a health balance. Our range of food grade supplements, capture the health essence of medicinal and herbal crops, spices, and vegetables; and can be easily integrated into a daily consumption pattern.  Our products fulfil health and nutrition requirements which an individual’s diet may not contain. The focus with our brand Ayura Origins aims at addressing ‘wellness’ everyday.”
The Insulin Tea Powder can be purchased online from https://www.ayuraorigins.com and is also available exclusively on Amazon India.

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