Monday, June 24, 2019

Detoxify and Destress with Global Beauty Secrets’ Greek Beauty Remedies

Greece has always been well-known for its serene beauty, be it in the glowing skin of their people or the sceneryAncient Greeks were lovers of beauty. The natural beauty of the Greeks makes us curious on their possible skincare secrets.To uncover ancient ingredients and practices, Global Beauty Secrets has curated a special range of products inspired by the Greek beauty ritual which will help you in detoxifying and de-stressing your skin.

Greek charcoal face mask not only cleanses and detoxifies your skin but also removes dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells. This clay mask has ‘activated’ charcoal particles that removes the dullness caused by pollution and makes your skin glow. The Greek yoghurt and lavender body moisturiser is one of the best product for your skin. The mixture of yoghurt and lavender gives you a soothing effect and helps in relaxing and de-

stressing. The Yogurt, being enriched with proteins, vitamins and minerals rejuvenates and hydrates the skin whereas lavender essential oil is very useful in aromatherapy and has a calming fragrance. These Greek Beauty Secrets are some of the best remedies for healthy and glowing skin.

The Greek Charcoal Face Mask is priced at INR 2,100

Greek Yogurt and Lavender Body Moisturiser is priced at INR 900
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