Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Beauty Co. natural products for Skin , Hair & Teeth

Being Healthy, Feeling Good , Looking beautiful are essential needs for human wellnes in modern age, Gone are the days of chemical based cosmetics , we are magnetized back to nature for Food , Clothing ( Linen , Cotton , Silk etc. ) , shelter in the laps of cool greenery ( farm houses and even city-homes are now advertised as nearest to Aarey forest.

The beauty industry too is getting up close & personal with nature.  The Beauty Co is a brand that believes in keeping skin healthy through the use of natural ingredients and preventing skin issues from occuring. It is the embodiment of the beauty industry revolution.

I have not yet tried or tasted these products so this is just a brief introduction. Soon I will be using them and will write detail reviews .

Here are some Coffee scrubs ( Flavors : Mango, Strawberry , Chocolate and active Charcoal ) made with high quality coffee beans , rich in antioxidants that help detoxify and brighten the skin. These scrubs helps us combat cellulite and gets rid of dry , flaky , dead skin cells. These scrubs have sweet Almond oil, Argan oil , Vitamin E oil to keep the skin soft.  Each pak is of 200 grams and costs Rs. 599.




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