Friday, September 14, 2018

Being Selfie-Queen in times of Social Media #MyFriendAlexa

" Whatttttt ..... ?  ....  Why ? .... Where ?  ..... When ? ..... How could you ? .... Did not you meet anyone Fair to click a Lovely selfie with ?. "  That was my friend Shweta's Verbal Diarrhea, after seeing the above selfie as a wallpaper on my mobile. 

Let me answer all the questions for her as well as for you all my dear friends.

What : It's my Most Magnetic selfie. it means the World to me.

Why : We both are Color-coordinated . Actually the young lady is more Dazzling with her exotic jewellery and confident pose. We interacted with each other without saying a word and still understood each other absolutely.

Where : We, the travel bloggers were attending OTM Speed Networking meet at Nesco, Goregaon and afterwords we strolled the exhibition grounds. I was fascinated with the vibrantly decorated pavilions of  Indian and Foreign countries. I enjoyed clicking many selfies in front of wonderful booths, kiosks with foreign ladies. The Egyptians were running a selfie contest, so I was trying my luck posing in front of their pavilion, But alas, I had collected so many pamphlets, brochures, souvenirs that my hands were stiffen with the load and my selfie attempts were miserable.

When : I was looking around for help... that's when this young lady in shining armour, I mean in dazzling jewelry appeared. She helped me in taking Egyptian selfie as well as happily posed with me for another. Believe me, it was not an easy task taking a perfect selfie in that crowded exhibition ground with thousands of visitors roaming around. Each time I managed to compose the frame, someone or the other will barge in from behind, spoiling the scenic background. This young lady actually managed the milling crowd by directing them away just like a traffic cop. Her striking persona with 6 feet+ frame added an officious status to her hand-gestures.

How : I am just 5.2 feet while she must be 6.2 feet or above, so I was trying to fit both of us in a frame by standing a bit ahead of her but then one of my ear and chin were playing hide n seek. Without uttering a word, she pulled up a chair from the nearby pavilion, sat on it and asked me to click. So far I was trying the selfie from top angle, as taught by the selfie queen Anusha Dandekar . But now I had to capture both of us , without showing my hand , which was holding the mobile. I held the mobile in vertical position in left hand so that both of us were fully visible from low angle. 
If you watch carefully, you can catch me looking into the mobile , while my co-poser was distracted by another girl, who found my selfie-attempt funny and started clicking us unexpectedly. 

All's well, that ends well. Finally here's the Million dollar selfie, we managed smiling all the while , without understanding a single word we were saying to each other. Our mother Earth is enriched with many races , religions, castes , creeds. The diversity of different cultures, traditions and languages add colors to our mundane lives. Let's celebrate the Mother Nature and the Human-Spirit . 


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Neha said...

That is indeed a lovely selfie. Loved the description you have written for people who found it weird in the first place. You post muct have given them a new perspective.