Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fresh, Fragrant, Faster Tiger for Tech savvy Indians


How we wish to feel Fresh , Fragrant and Fantastic forever like these flowers!
In this Digital, High-Tech era, every nano-second counts and how!
Zamana Hain Tez , so we have to be Faster to keep up with the World, with our Global counterparts all the while. Easier said than practiced.


Since early morning till late night and all the time in between, we constantly need to be connected , to be available on social media platforms. The laptops , TVs,  the tabs , and the mobiles are making us immobile. What an irony! 

We have become couch potatoes, sitting at a desk all day, slouching, craning our necks, peeping into our tech-gadgets. Generally perishing our postures and gaining back-pain. To ease the pain we swallow painkillers and use heating pads for temporary relief. The main culprits are our bad habits, our wrong postures and our overall lazy lifestyles . Although we are advancing intelligently, progressing brain-wise, we are regressing physically.

Enough of these depressing things, here's the good news : Tiger Balm Neck &  Shoulder Rub Ayurvedic Massage-On-the-Go for Tech-Savvy Consumers launched in India recently. Singapore based Haw Par Corporation unveiled an innovation from the Tiger Balm family - Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub. Indian Students, Tech gadget-users, working professionals, as well as elders with sedentary lifestyles won't have to suffer due to tech and posture related neck and shoulder pains. 

Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub, with a calming lavender fragrance that provides non-greasy, fast acting relief targeting neck and shoulder pains, already available in countries like the USA and Singapore was launched today by Mr. A K Han, Executive Director of Haw Par Corporation and Mr. Mukesh Tiwary, Senior VP - Mktg. & Sales - Alkem Healthcare.

According to Forrester, India’s billion plus mobile phone subscriber base is set to keep pace with the world’s mobile phone penetration of 70% by 2022. Many jobs require professionals spending long hours on their computers and mobile devices. All these factors have brought about an “epidemic” of tech-related ailments such as text neck, gamer neck and iPosture.

Just Tiger is not enough , We must discipline ourselves by 1. Keeping our heads up to look at things to avoid strain on our necks and backs. Let's bring things up to eye level. 2. Let's Straighten our shoulders 3.  Let's stop slouching , Let's pull ourselves up. Standing and sitting correctly must feel good. 4. Pull chest up. While slouching, our chest is pulled in, and our bellies stick out. This contributes to the acid reflux and breathing problems,

Tiger Balm is one of the world’s leading brands in providing quality products for external pain relief. Made with a unique Tiger Balm formulation, Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub addresses the lifestyle needs of heavy tech users, providing fast and effective relief and relaxes the muscles around the neck and shoulder area when applied. The formulation is Ayurvedic and offers an alternative herbal solution for restoring holistic balance to a hectic lifestyle.
Non-greasy cream with a lavender fragrance In handy, convenient tube: Already popular with consumers in many other countries The Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub balm is available across leading pharmacies, supermarkets and popular online portals like Net Med,Amazon, 1 Priced at Rs.99 for 30 gm & at Rs.149 for 50 gm.


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