Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Mumbai : Mother of all Mumbaikars

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Mumbai is eternally blessed by Goddess Mumbadevi , that's how the Mumbai city got it's Motherly nature. Mumbai embraces all whether poor or rich. Mumbai celebrates all festivals irrespective of  religions , castes , languages & nationalities.

Mumbai is an Island. Naturally we face many calamities due to it's geographical condition & situation and still we are one of the top most progressive , prosperous , happy citizens, envied by many.

We have learned in Economics that root cause of majority of India's problems is over-Population. May it be Poverty , Unemployment, slums , scarcity of food , Pollution , deteriorating Infrastructure , corruption , diseases etc all are directly related to over population. Mumbai is on the verge of population explosion, proved by the recent incidence of stampede
Mumbai = Mum ( English ) + Ba ( Gujarati ) + Aai ( Marathi )

On this grand motherly scenario , how can anyone utter #MumbaiGeliKhaddyat , How RJ Malishaka dares to abuse Mumbai ?

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, better known as BMC is life line of Mumbai. Mumbaikars love to hate MCGM. Overpopulated Mumbai is bursting at seams still she is alive and thriving with able administration of MCGM.

Let’s not argue and take a snap at the typical Mumbai-day. We get up in the morning, hurry into the bathroom, turn the tap and voila! The water is always running, though the whole Maharashtra is facing serious water shortage. The engineers, sluice men of MCGM’s water department work skillfully to keep meticulous quantity of water flowing throughout the slums and skyscrapers of Mumbai.

Next we dump our leftover food and scrap into the bins. We never separate our wet and dry garbage. The solid waste management department of MCGM takes care of it.

While passing by the garbage trucks we cover our precious noses with eau-de-cologned hankies. The sewerage workers toil in those stinking trucks to keep our city spic and span, whether it’s scorching or pouring.

We always get adequate and fresh supply of vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat at reasonable prices from MCGM’s 21 markets spread throughout city and suburbs.

The most important of MCGM’s duty and where it spends its major chunk of the revenue is Public Health Department. There are 229 Health posts from where free vaccination, immunization, vitamins, family planning methods and general medicines are administered for whole Mumbai.

MCGM runs 30 maternity homes plus 16 hospitals assist in child delivery and maternal care. The best medical treatment is available at affordable rates at Cooper, Bhagwati, Lokmanya Tilak, Rajawadi, V.N. Desai, Nair, Centenary ( Shatabdi ), Kasturaba etc. MCGM’s mobile medicine vans routinely provide general medicine in various slum pockets of Mumbai. The airborne diseases are kept in check by the Pest Control Department.

MCGM gives free school education to 5, 19160 students of Mumbai.
Its Storm Water drain Department carries away pouring rain water to keep Mumbai active.MCGM administers 23 Fire brigade stations.

In other states, separate boards are formed for Water ,Sewerage, Education, but only in Maharashtra it’s MCGM which does the thankless extra job of providing the essential services.

Why do people whine so much about Mumbai-rains?. If The Train's schedule is disrupted due to monsoon, the Railway Board is responsible for that. Most of the potholes , the traffic jams on highways are due to Metro-work , where MMRDA is equally responsible. Just cursing and abusing BMC ( MCGM ) for everything under the SUN and above the SEA is absolutely foolish. If they really find it so much bothersome as to want to shift to Mars or Zumaritalayya, who has stopped them?. Nobody has invited or forced people to stay in Mumbai. It's equivalent to cursing our own mother and father for big family and resultant poverty. Finally If Mumbai is so problematic, why more and more people from inside as well as outside India rushing to Mumbai, dreaming to settle in Mumbai ?

It’s a fact that Mumbai is an Island, eclipsed by appx. 65% unauthorized slum population. The unauthorized constructions have blocked Mithi river, Sanjay Gandhi National Park ( aka Borivli national park ), drainage, beaches and footpaths. Many more rush to Mumbai, every hour of 365 days a year. How and where can MCGM accommodate and manage such mammoth population?.

Let me know about any island on Earth which is as much densely populated as Mumbai and still efficiently administered by local Municipal body.

Our Mumbai is clean, healthy and going strong with the efforts of MCGM’s work force. MCGM is truly the lifeline of Mumbai. But do we citizens care for the proper functioning of our lifeline which is clogged with slums and unauthorized constructions. Until and unless we remove these hurdles how could we expect the proper flow of services from MCGM?

We tend to take MCGM for granted, neglecting our own duties. Is it fair?


Jyotirmoy Sarkar said...

It was really very nice read about Mumbai and MCGM. 65% unauthorized slum population...did not have any idea with it.
Any govt. authority can invest money, can go on for projects but to get desired fruitful result each and every individual should have consciousness.
MCGM is really doing good work, hope with time the expected issues will be solved.

Anagha Yatin said...

Taken for granted is the biggest problem is! The metro city dwellers enjoy the facilities that are luxuries for other city dwellers.
An eye opener post.

Sachin Baikar said...

Very well written post 👍 Sujata. You have highlighted most of the points supported by numbers. A must read post for all Mumbaikars and people coming to fulfill their dreams in this city.
Thanks for sharing 🙂


Hey Jyotirmoy , thanks for understanding. 65 % unauthorized slum population, draining the resources & burdening the administration. The city where we are born and brought up is Matrubhumi ( motherland ) . I just can not imagine in my wildest dreams , how anyone can abuse our very own motherland , without doing our own duties as citizens.


Thanks Rupam


Hey Anagha ,Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Yes we Mumbaikars get so many facilities and still we crib for potholes , which are results of Metro-rail work, heavy rains, over-population, burden of lakhs of vehicles running day-night.


Thanks Sachin. I gathered these numbers by visiting Mumbai municipal Union. People are attracted to Mumbai and rush here from all over the world, to fulfil their dreams. All are welcome but they must have basic courtesy to be grateful to this Mother of all, Mumbai.

Leha said...

I got to know a lot about Mumbai after reading this. Thanks!
#MyFriendAlexa #literarylehareads


Thanks Leha